Protecting the Kiwi

When you're in the shipping business, you end up with some really interesting stories to tell.

And, when your customers are world-wide, the stories get even more interesting.

Take the case of the Kiwi Fruit from New Zealand. We have a customer who ships Kiwi to Belgium in wood containers of our design, incorporating a Euro Pallet. When emptied, the Euro Pallet is sold into the Euro Pallet Pool. Only the four sides are returned to New Zealand providing substantial savings.

Now, you have to understand that Kiwi's are a very sensitive fruit. You can't just toss them around, because they'll bruise easily and you'll lose half of your yield.

And that's why our Hardy-Built System was used to ship New Zealand's Kiwi fruit. Because our system can be customized for even the most difficult of problems, we were able to create a shipping box that could protect the Kiwi fruit, be disassembled very easily and then be knocked-down for return shipping.

Easy to use, cost-effective and happy fruit!

Give us a call and we will help you with the most difficult shipping problem you have. You have problems - we have solutions.

Drew Graham, President

Hardy-Graham, Inc.


(215) 699-6111

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