Protect Staff and Students at School with Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards

Did you know sneezing can launch mucus and saliva as far as 27 feet within seconds? After the release, the germ-filled mist stays in the air for several minutes, according to research from MIT.

This is why sneezing (as well as coughing) is a major concern for schools preparing to reopen during the pandemic. With energetic kids around, implementing hygiene practices like covering one's mouth while sneezing or coughing at all times could be difficult.

The good news is that effective solutions for blocking sneezes and coughs are readily available today. One of the best ways to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and other disease-causing microbes at schools is by using sneeze guards and protective dividers.

These transparent protective dividers create a wall around front-facing work stations, student desks, tables, kiosks and more. The units actively block the transmission of sneezes and coughs around individuals or small spaces. These walls also keep equipment, such as computers, chairs, lamps, books and cups, within the protective area clean. Sneeze guards are easy to setup and maintain, only requiring a thorough wipe down at the end of the day.

Larson Electronics offers a myriad of heavy-duty sneeze guards for schools reopening in the coming weeks. Different styles and designs are available based on application. Standard models are made out of thick, clear PETG (stronger than acrylic) and do NOT require tools to assemble.

For desks, a clear panel, U-shaped divider or hanging divider can be used to protect the area. Our selection of sneeze guards also caters to cubicles and large tables requiring segregation. Metal, non-transparent dividers are available for protection in rugged areas of the school.

For active air sanitation, we offer metal dividers with UV air sanitizers. The air sanitizer cleans surrounding air using UVC germicidal lamps. Located at the top of the sneeze guard, this no-contact disinfection process is quiet and continuous.

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