ProStack® Double Leg Ratchet Pallet - Finalist -2010 InterBev Innovation Awards

Medford, NJ, USA - Polymer Solutions International, Inc - The ProStack Double
Leg Ratchet Pallet was selected as a finalist in Best new bottling, manufacturing or
distribution innovation category at the 2010 InterBev Beverage Innovation Awards.

The ProStack® Double Leg Ratchet pallet has a unique "Double Leg" design that provides twice the damage protection (nearly a half inch of wall thickness on each leg of the pallet) than older style single leg pallets. This highly innovative design will benefit pallet users who are constantly battling damage to subpar pallets from forklifts and pallet jacks. Replacing current pallets with this cutting‐edge product promises to reduce pallet purchases and product damage by dramatically extending the pallets life.

"Since 70% of pallet damage typically occurs in the leg and is caused by forklifts, the focus was to create a superior leg design, knowing from our experience that this was the key to dramatically extending the life of the pallet" says Dan Kelly, President of Polymer Solutions International.

The key benefits of Prostack® Pallets are:
  • Telescoping Double legs - twice the forklift damage protection
  • Ratchet Fastening System - at least three times stronger than welded or snap construction
  • Gas‐Assisted Molding Process - super smooth finish, superior stiffness & outstanding impact
  • Highly Durable, Easy to Clean and Hygienic ‐ resists bacteria and other contaminants
  • Unique bottom deck design that prevents damage from pallet jack over pumping
  • Edge Rack able up to 2,200 lbs.
  • Fire Retardant - FM approved options are available

    For information on this revolutionary material handling solution please call (877)444-7225 or visit the Polymer Solutions International website at
    The InterBev Beverage Innovation Awards is a partnership initiative by the American Beverage Association, the International Bottled Water Association and FoodBev Media's Beverage Innovation magazine. This inaugural awards programme attracted over 100 entries in 12 categories, designed to reward and champion innovation and excellence in the American beverage industry

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