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Optimized for usability via its social media-style interface, Bitrix24 combines 30+ content, project, collaboration, real-time communication, reporting, and management tools. Cloud-based software package lets companies completely organize digital workplace, from clock-in to clock-out. In addition to Gantt chart generation and viewing, functionality offers ability to search and retrieve company documents, generate reports, and monitor company priorities.

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Bitrix, Inc. Launches Bitrix24 - The Social Intranet

Cloud-Based Intranet Is All-in-One Collaboration, Communication and Management Tool

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The digital workplace evolved over time. First there was email. Then came software tools - initially delivered on CDs - including time and attendance, project management, CRM, reporting solutions and more. The rise of social media platforms opened up new possibilities for collaboration. But until now, small and mid-sized enterprises haven't had a way to harness the power of all these components into a single, unified platform. Bitrix, Inc. changed that today with the launch of Bitrix24 - the social intranet.

To create this breakthrough evolution in the digital workplace, Bitrix fused more than 30 content, project, collaboration, communication, reporting and management tools with a social media-style interface. The result is a cloud-based software package smaller companies can use to completely organize the digital workplace - from clock-in to clock-out. Bitrix offers a free version for businesses with up to 12 employees, providing an incredible array of tools on a unified platform - including CRM functions - and up to 5 GBs of disk space. Two paid versions deliver expanded functionality.

"With this next-generation release, Bitrix gives companies, especially smaller companies, the power to take collaboration, communication and business management to a whole new level," said Dmitry Valyanov, President, Bitrix, Inc. "We've combined dozens of distinct functions - like individual and group calendars, CRM, reporting, instant messaging and project management - and built a comprehensive toolkit in a single work zone employees can access from anywhere. Users can run an entire company from Bitrix24."

Serious Business Tools on a Single Social Media-Style Interface

With Bitrix24, colleagues can communicate and collaborate on projects in real time, search and retrieve important company documents, generate reports and keep up with company priorities - all on a single platform. One example of the symbiosis of social and business aspects is a "Like" button to trend popular documents up and boost intranet search rankings, pairing social media-style immediacy with sophisticated search engine capabilities. Despite its rich features and scalable capabilities, Bitrix24 is amazingly easy for companies to implement and begin using immediately since it was designed with an intuitive, social media interface that employees and managers alike can instinctively use.

Comprehensive Company Information at Users' Fingertips

Users can cut email clutter, turn down the noise and focus on the tasks at hand with internal messaging and file sharing tools that enable them to view communications and documents in the context of specific tasks and groups. This eliminates the need to search for files or communications in separate applications. The social media-style interface encourages individual contributions while giving users a big-picture view with the Bitrix24 Activity Stream.

Bitrix24 also delivers a Smart Search feature that provides a fast and easy way for users to find information that is accessible to them. Managers can supercharge efficiency by setting user access rights and creating workgroups, which function as sub-intranets and present only relevant information for each employee. This encourages greater focus for higher productivity.

Users can view projects and tasks in a Gantt chart for a quick overview of project status, participants and deadlines. They can also make changes directly in the chart view, triggering automatic notifications to all stakeholders.

Project, Document and CRM Tools Enhance Internal Collaboration

Project management tools include task definition, delegation and time tracking functions as well as file, message and discussion storage at the group or individual level. With Bitrix24, users can upload, share and store presentations, documents, videos and virtually any type of file for group, company or private use. Calendars, tasks, and contacts can be integrated across various platforms, and documents can be modified directly using Microsoft Office.

Users can quickly organize and track customer, prospect, partner, contact or agent interactions and manage, store and plan CRM activities with the powerful Bitrix24 CRM platform. Tools include reports and sales funnel management functions, business process automation, analysis features and roles and access management.

Reporting, Extranet and Time Management Tools
Bitrix24 offers rich reporting features, including Task Reports that provide a snapshot of employee time spent on specific tasks or projects as well as project status at customizable intervals. And because it's important to enable collaboration with external partners, Bitrix24 gives users the power to create projects via the Extranet.

There is a free plan for up to 12 users, and two paid plans that have no user limits. Both paid plans offer full Extranet functionality. The premium paid plan offers valuable time and attendance tools, including a clock-in and clock-out feature and reporting functions that make managing employee hours, vacation, sick days, etc., fast and easy.

More than 30 Handy Tools to Manage Workflow in the Digital Workplace
Bitrix24 works because it's designed around a business's natural workflow, creating a unified digital workplace. Instead of sifting through emails and checking a dozen different task management tools, employees can start their day with a unified view of tasks and projects, check their Activity Stream for new events, execute and document assignments, collaborate with project team members, get briefings and updates, manage CRM and wrap up the day with smart reporting tools - all on one unified platform.

Bitrix24 represents an evolution in business - the integration of rich social media tools and powerful company management functions on a single platform. Offered by an established leader in content management and portal solutions, Bitrix24 takes business communication, collaboration and management to the next level. The product has attracted over 5,000 users in its public beta stage thus far who've praised its efficiency, security and simplicity. Further information is available at

About Bitrix, Inc.
Bitrix, Inc. specializes in development of highly secure content management systems and intranet portal solutions for managing web projects and multifunctional information systems on the Internet. The software tech-corp. was established in 1998 and is still owned and managed by its founders.

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