Progress Software and Manuvis Team for Real-Time Visibility

Harnessing real-time data from manufacturing IT systems is a daunting feat. Though some manufacturers will now be able to use real-time manufacturing visibility and time-based analysis to quickly stop sources of waste mid-stream, tap extra capacity, and increase profits.

Next Tuesday, June 26, Progress Software ( and Manuvis will announce a partnership agreement to integrate the Progress® Apama® Event Processing Platform within its cornerstone FactoryMRI® application for manufacturers. The addition of Apama's powerful, time-based, complex event processing capabilities to Manuvis' FactoryMRI platform enables manufacturers to get an understanding of the up-to-the-second state of every process on their shop floors, allowing them to more quickly identify and correct sources of waste, process bottlenecks and unused capacity, resulting in increased profitability.

This partnership with Progress Apama means that Manuvis is now the first manufacturing business intelligence vendor to deliver real-time visibility. If you would be interested in speaking with a Progress Software executive or Manuvis about this news I would be happy to set up a meeting. I can also share the news release with you under embargo until June 26 if you are interested.

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