Programming System programs high-density Flash Memory.

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FlashPAK(TM) provides benefits of network control and programming architecture to manual Flash programming environments. Tabletop system has 4 sites for simultaneous programming of up to 4 fine-pitch Flash Memory devices at near theoretical minimum programming times. TaskLink(R) for Windows(R) Supervisor Software monitors FlashPAK work cell, keeping updates on job status, operator performance, device yield and programming data.

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Data I/O Corporation Announces FlashPAK: Network Programming System for Flash Memory

Redmond, WA, January 23, 2002 - Today, Data I/O Corporation, a leading provider of advanced programming systems, announced FlashPAK(TM), a networked programming system designed to program the leading high-density Flash Memory devices at near theoretical minimum times, and at the lowest cost per part. FlashPAK is the newest component in Data I/O's Connected Programming Strategy, which creates a unified programming solution -- connecting engineering to manufacturing, business processes to business systems, and the firmware supply chain to its users.

A four-site manual system, FlashPAK was designed specifically for Flash applications and has a unique architecture that delivers the lowest programming cost for high density Flash devices. This is accomplished by a combination of exceptional programming speed, system scalability, and software-based process control.

Costs are driven even lower by using the efficiencies of network control for firmware distribution and revision. For example, Programming Center managers will be able to streamline first article qualification and other processes, lowering their variable costs. OEM managers will gain control of their intellectual property as it moves from design to production, and prevent disruptions associated with outdated firmware. In addition, software design engineers will value FlashPAK for its ability to quickly program large Flash files.

The new system brings the benefits of network control and advanced programming architecture to manual Flash programming environments, assuring that programming is current, secure, traceable and failsafe. For example, integrated with Data I/O's high-volume programmers, FlashPAK becomes part of an end-to-end, networked programming solution that ensures the same, current programming algorithm is used at each step of product development and production.

In addition, the FlashPAK system uses the same programming language and engine as Data I/O's ProLINE-RoadRunner(R) automated inline programming system, so users can benefit from a consistent architecture from design through manufacturing. This lowers development costs and speeds time to market because the user does not have to reprogram the equipment to set up each stage of the manufacturing process.

"FlashPAK answers the real business needs of our customers because it offers them the highest programming flexibility and the lowest possible programming cost," said Fred Hume, Data I/O CEO and president. " Because FlashPAK is expandable, inexpensive,
and specialized for fast Flash programming, it will enable customers to operate leaner at lower programming quantities and more efficiently at higher quantities."

FlashPAK is a tabletop programming system having four sites for simultaneous programming of up to four fine-pitch Flash Memory devices. Based on the architecture of Data I/O's RoadRunner -- the world's most advanced in-line programmning system --
FlashPAK programs the leading Flash Memory devices at near theoretical minimum programming times.

A combination of ergononic operator design and supervisory control software makes manual programming efficient, fast and foolproof With operator friendly features like Auto-Start ganged socket actuation, and simple Job Card "load and program" software, FlashPak combines security, control and flexibility with ease-of-use unmatched in other manual programming systems.

FlashPAK can be cost-effectively expanded as business needs grow. The user can start with one FlashPAK unit and add more units to increase the number of programming sites. The sites connect via the provided Ethernet cable to make an 8-, 12-, or 16-site system.

TaskLink(R) for Windows* Supervisor Software monitors the entire FlashPAK work cell, keeping statistical updates on job status, operator performance, device yield and all relevant programming data. Statistical information flows from the programming system
to the user's manufacturing software, enabling the operation to become visible to senior managers and supply chain partners.

"The goal is to seamlessly integrate device programming into engineering, manufacturing, and business processes," said Kelly Hirsh, Business Unit Manager for Programming Technology at Data I/0. "Once companies apply lean manufacturing principals to device programming, they will benefit from improved reduced costs and increased flexibility."

About Data I/O.
Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ:DAIO) enables companies to improve productivity and reduce costs by providing manual and automated device programming solutions for design and manufacturing applications. Data I/O introduced the world's first commercial
programmers in 1972 and is the leading innovator in the device programming solution market, unveiling unique and brand new innovations such as the Pro-LINE-RoadRunner, the world's most cost-effective inline programming system, incorporating the world's fastest Flash programming architecture. Data I/O Corporation is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, and has sales and service offices worldwide.

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