Programmable Logic Controller features digital touchscreen.

Press Release Summary:

Housed in 7 in. rack-mounted enclosure, Model CIA-2 monitors I/O and turns on/off relays for limits, safeties, and cell operation hardware. It can also be used as process controller with PID functionality. Unit includes 12 customizable pushbuttons, 32 solid-state digital inputs, 16 solid-state digital outputs, 12 relay outputs, and 8 process control loops. With color touchscreen, users can view alarm history, error codes, and data limit events as well as tune PID functions.

Original Press Release:

Cell Interface Assistant

Available in Original Push-button and New Touchscreen

New CIA-2 Digital Touchscreen and Push-button Test Cell PLC

Introduced in 2007, the 7" rack-mounted enclosure GE-Fanuc Horner PLC and touchscreen is used to monitor I/O and turn on/off relays for limits, safeties and cell operation hardware. The unit can be used as a process controller with PID functionality for engine cooling and other ancillary function control.

The CIA-2 is shown mounted in the new space-saving slimline console, along with Inter-Loc V multi-loop dynamometer and throttle controller and its Operator Control Station (lower unit).

The PLC system has the following I/O for safety and digital data acquisition monitoring, as well as operator interface and troubleshooting:
12 Customizable Manual Push-buttons
32 Solid State Digital Inputs
16 Solid State Digital Outputs
12 Relay Outputs
8 Process Control Loops of Limits, displayed on touchscreen
Color touchscreen for viewing alarm history, error codes, data limit events and tuning PID functions
Communication through Cell Assistant(TM) for Windows®

Original CIA-1 Push-button PLC
The CIA-1 Push-button PLC-based interface, which allows the manual and automated operation of test cell functions and monitoring of facility safeties. The CIA-1 has 24 discrete inputs and outputs, and 12 enunciator LEDs for power and fault verification. In addition to the typical configurations listed below, numerous other functions are available, configured according to the requirements of the application.

CIA-1 is shown, right, with InterLoc V multi-loop dynamometer and throttle controller's Operator Control Station (upper). Typical CIA-1 PLC configuration for monitoring cell safety and logistic functions:
2 analog outputs and 2 analog inputs
Watchdog Fault pilot light and Watchdog Bypass
Fault Beeper and Fault Reset lighted push-button
Power On / Off
Cooling Water On / Off
Cell Vent On / Off
Exhaust Air On / Off
Ignition On / Off
Panel Auto / Manual
Fault Reset
Starter and Starter Disable
Alarm Silence
Other Customized Functions

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