Programmable Data Entry Keyboard measures 6.25 x 5.7 in.

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Suited for financial dealing rooms, CAD design, process control, and retail point-of-sale, Model AKC048 is 48-key keyboard that enables rapid customization of key functions. It uses rugged steel sub-frame and mechanical switches with life of 50 million operations, and has either USB or PS/2 interface and optional integrated magnetic stripe reader and biometric fingerprint reader for user log-on. Custom key caps can be provided with special markings and colors to speed up navigation.

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Access-IS Rugged, 48-Key, Programmable Keyboard for High Speed Data Entry

Reading, UK, March 17, 2008 - Access IS has introduced a rugged, 48-key keyboard programmable keyboard to make life easier for users who otherwise need to navigate menus or execute key-stroke combinations to perform common tasks. The AKC048 keyboard is easily programmed using the Access IS Windows SoftProg utility, enabling rapid customisation of key functions. Custom key caps can be provided with special markings and colours to speed up navigation. Applications range from financial dealing rooms to CAD design, process control and retail point-of-sale.

At 159mm x 144mm (6.25" x 5.7"), it is the smallest keyboard of its type, saving desk space. It uses a rugged steel sub-frame and mechanical switches with a life of 50 million operations. The key caps are produced using a two-shot moulding process to ensure clear legibility throughout the lifetime of the keyboard. This high standard of construction ensures long-term reliability, minimizing the disruption that can be caused by regular upgrades, and minimizing costs.

The AKC048 has either a USB or PS/2 interface and options include an integrated magnetic stripe reader and a biometric fingerprint reader for user log-on. It completes the Access IS family of programmable keyboards, which now includes versions with 80, 90 and 120 keys and further models with QWERTY layouts.

About Access Interfacing Solutions
Access IS, an ISO9001 accredited company based in Reading (UK), designs, manufactures and distributes innovative equipment that enables fast and accurate input of information into electronic systems. Products include custom and standard computer keyboards, keypads, OCR and biometric passport readers, bar code readers, magnetic swipe card readers and smartcard readers. The company also provides text displays for point-of-sale terminals. Over three-quarters of the products sold are created to meet the requirements of a specific application and Access IS works closely with its customers to understand their challenges and to come up with reliable solutions that provide effective functionality at the lowest cost-of-ownership. All of them are designed to streamline information processing and save both time and cost. All meet the highest standards in electrical, mechanical and aesthetic design.

Customers of Access IS are found throughout the world. The company's main markets are retail point-of-sale, retail banking, airports (check-in systems and boarding gate readers), stock exchanges, rugged mobile computing and industrial equipment. Major customers include Harrods, the New York Stock Exchange, Barclays Bank, British Airways and Qantas. Access IS designs and manufactures in the UK. Hardware and software engineering is based here too, and the company has extensive experience in meeting international standards for equipment interfaces and operating systems. Access IS is a company committed to providing a responsive and professional service to its customers. It also prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of integrity and business ethics. The company values long-term relationships with customers and relishes the challenges of helping them manage the input and output of data from electronic systems in the most cost-effective way.

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Roger Wylie, Managing Director, Access IS, 18 Suttons Business Park, Reading, Berkshire RG16 1AZ, UKTel:+44 118 966 3333E-mail:


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