PROFOMETER® PM-600 / PM-630 Advanced Concrete Cover Meters

The Profometer PM-600/630 is for real time control over the measurement procedure for precise and non-destructive detection of rebar locations and measurement of the concrete cover and rebar diameters directly on site. The Profometer PM-600 and PM-630 use a new generation and design-protected Profometer Touch-screen Unit. Both instruments offer unique on-site measuring and analysis functions, and a real time control over the measurement procedure.

The Profometer PM-600/630 uses electromagnetic pulse induction technology to detect rebars. Multiple coil arrangements in the probe are periodically charged by current pulses and thus generate a magnetic field.

On the surface of any electrically conductive material which is in the magnetic field eddy currents are produced. They induce a magnetic field in the opposite direction. The resulting change in voltage can be utilized for the measurement.

Advanced signal processing allows localization of a rebar, determination of the cover and estimation of the rebar diameter. This method is unaffected by all non-conductive materials such as concrete, wood, plastics, bricks etc. However, any kind of conductive materials within the magnetic field will have an influence on the measurement.


• Housing specially designed to be used on-site in harsh environments, including carrying strap, integrated stand and sunshield cover

• High resolution color touchscreen allowing best possible measuring and an analysis of the data for an entire working day (Battery lifetime >8h)

• Dual core processor supporting diverse communication and peripheral interfaces

Profometer PM-600

Profometer PM-600 is the entry-level model and allows precise and non-destructive detection of rebar locations and measurement of the concrete covers and rebar diameters.

The instrument is the perfect tool to locate rebar's before drilling holes, measuring the concrete cover depth, for acceptance inspection of cover after formwork is removed and for quality assurance in mass production of prefabricated concrete elements. It also supports statistical evaluation of cover according to the DBV Guideline from the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology.

A visual assistance for speed and signal strength control supports the user during the measuring process. The statistics and snapshot views allow comprehensive review of the measured data directly on the screen.

Profometer PM-630

The Profometer PM-630 is for line scanning and large areas.

Its advanced concrete scan cover meter is a sophisticated instrument extending the application range of the Profometer PM-600 with the Line and Area Scan Modes and an extensive choice of statistical views.

Designed for measuring large areas, long lines or when comprehensive reporting is required; use when inspecting tunnels, retaining walls, concrete slab soffits, bridge slabs or dams.

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