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Designed to be run constantly, Model MC-1 consists of nano-scale photo fabrication device suitable for medical, engineering, scientific, and defense laboratories. Model MC-2 features advanced control board and upgraded lasers capable of processing multiple materials. Through service plan subscription, both can be upgraded as technology is refined, ensuring small-volume manufactured parts are printed at optimum quality.

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Old World Labs Unveils New Range of Professional-Grade 3D Printers

Pioneers in 3D printing unveil its MC product line aimed at enabling the medical, scientific, academic and research communities to create tiny things that help solve huge, real-world problems

LAS VEGAS – Old World Labs (OWL) today announced the launch of two new best-in-class 3D printers in its MC Series, delivering unmatched precision and accuracy and offering the best resolution in the industry. The MC-1 and MC-2 were unveiled at the 2015 International CES® in Las Vegas and are available via a service plan subscription, which allows customers to upgrade their hardware as the technology is refined, ensuring small-volume, high-value manufactured parts are printed at optimum quality. Customers interested in learning how they can procure an OWL 3D printer or finding out more about the MC-1 and MC-2 should visit

Tiny Solutions to Huge, Real-World Problems

OWL customers are working on the future of everything - medicine, science, engineering, robotics, art - and need to be able to create things that are tomorrow-ready, today. OWL printers have 250x the resolution of other 3D printers, making them most precise option for laboratories and research facilities. Customers depend on OWL's printers to have the most accurate outputs to solve problems that require the most utterly accurate production possible. Customers include NASA, Stanford University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University. OWL is also working with the United States Department of Defense, and collaborating with institutions on creating photonics based tools for the Integrated Photonics Institute for Manufacturing Innovation.

"The benefits of 3D printing to science, medical research and academic discovery are evolving, and the people who are making the utmost progress and greatest discoveries need the most precise and accurate printers available. The MC Series fit this description - no other 3D printers can match them for resolution, precision and functionality," said Nick Liverman, CEO and Founder, Old World Labs. "Our printers are not like anything else on the market. They are more accurate and capable of handling printing the minute details that makes the difference to people trying to change the world."

OWL'S Newest Lineup

The MC-1 is a high-precision nano-scale photo fabrication device, built by hand in the U.S.A. It offers cutting-edge resolution designed for use in leading medical, engineering, scientific, and defense laboratories. This precision instrument is designed to be run constantly, maximizing productivity without compromising quality. The MC-1 comes with a selection of services, support, training and consultation packages.

The MC-2 features an advanced control board, multiple upgraded lasers capable of processing new multiple materials, and improved software. It is the first scheduled upgrade printer for OWL's subscription customers and will become available mid-2015.

As new technology is developed and 3D printers evolve, older models will quickly become obsolete. Instead of selling its 3D printers outright, OWL is offering customers a contracted service plan that gives immediate access to new hardware and software by invoking the option to upgrade their model to reflect the technological progressions in this changing market.

Visitors to International CES 2015 can visit OWL at the Sands Expo Centre, booth #72620.

About Old World Labs

Founded in Hampton Roads in 2013 Old World Labs (OWL) revolutionizes how engineers, medical professionals, educators, hobbyists and designers create and produce. OWL is a group of passionate, gifted individuals from an array of multidisciplinary backgrounds. Our mission is to advance manufacturing by creating advanced processes and equipment to make your dreams a reality. Our team develops and manufactures innovative products that support automated chemical and industrial platforms. We design technology that has much higher feature resolution than competitors, which enables advanced solutions. OWL is dedicated to deliver the best and most innovative technology with an unmatched return on investment. Our team remains committed to making sophisticated, high-quality technology.

We only strive for excellence when it comes to developing and manufacturing technology; to turn your dreams into a reality. If you can dream it, OWL can build it.

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