Production Transcryption Engine supports DRM networking.

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Able to overcome problems encountered with storage and movement of protected entertainment content across protected boundaries, ViXS Video Vault Series includes XCode(TM) 2100 Series and XCode(TM) 3000 series security processors. These single-chip solutions can descramble Conditional Access or Digital Rights Management (DRM) and encrypt to DRM for multiple streams in real-time. Balance of software programmability with hardware security and speed address cross-market applications.

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ViXS XCode(TM) 2100/3000 Supports DRM Networking

Industry-leading Conditional Access Transcryption Engine, ViXS Video Vault Series, released for production

TORONTO, Jan. 8 -- ViXS Systems Inc., a leading developer of video processing solutions, today announced the debut of the ViXS Video Vault Series. The Video Vault Series, which includes the XCode(TM) 2100 Series and XCode(TM) 3000 series security processors, is now available for production.

Most significant problems encountered with the storage and movement of protected entertainment content across protected boundaries are overcome with the Video Vault Series. The single-chip security processors can descramble Conditional Access (CA) or Digital Rights Management (DRM) and encrypt to a DRM for multiple streams in real-time, thus creating the world's first single-chip production transcryption engine. This transcryption pipeline is particularly applicable to OpenCable, ISDB-T and DVB using DRM schemes such as DTCP or WMDRM in applications such as Microsoft PBDA, OCUR, and DLNA in networking architectures like WiFi, Ethernet, HomePlug or MOCA.

The world market for protected entertainment content is fractured into many different CA and DRM systems and the requirement to provide multiple streams adds to the complexity - examples being, BCAS for Japan, DVB for Europe and CableCard for North America. The ViXS Video Vault Series provides a solution that balances the programmability of software with the security and speed of hardware to address these cross-market applications - all with a single chip. Specific features and capabilities offered with the Video Vault Series include:

- Patented on-chip embedded security features for the protection of multiple keys, multiple exchanges, signing and certificates sessions to provide a hacker-proof protected environment for the most sensitive content
- Hardware acceleration blocks of major CA systems are integrated, such as 3DES, Multi-2 and DVB-CSA with the appropriate M/S CableCard, CI and smartcard interfaces
- Hardware acceleration blocks for major DRM and key passing mechanisms, such as DES, RSA and AES
- Full duplex DRM transcryption gateway
- Support for 4C and 5C type interactions
- Both System-on-Chip (SoC) XCode(TM) 3000 and Companion Chip XCode(TM) 2100 versions are now available. The SoC version runs a full Linux stack.

"Security is the basis of all video entertainment transactions going forward. Our ViXS Video Vault Series will help guarantee that all stakeholders' interests are protected in a highly secure and cost-effective manner. Security and content protection are an important part of the ViXS road map and with the Video Vault Series we've provided the world's first chip series dedicated to the transcryption of video content", said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems.

About ViXS Systems Inc.

ViXS Systems Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company enabling advanced video processing technologies for top-tier Consumer Electronic (CE) and Personal Computer (PC) companies. The company has developed advanced video codecs with unprecedented capabilities for processing, managing, protecting and distributing broadcast-quality video. ViXS supplies IC solutions and full production reference designs to the world's top CE and PC manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs. ViXS XCode video processors are deployed worldwide in a variety of designs such as IPTV/cable set-top boxes, multimedia PC boards, digital TVs, PVRs, and Blu-ray and HD DVD products. Unique video technologies developed by ViXS, such as encoding, transcoding and decoding, provide CE and PC manufacturers with the necessary feature differentiators they need to become leaders in their respective markets. An additional ingredient for the success of these products is ViXS' support of worldwide Conditional Access (CA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) whereby one product platform can support worldwide coverage. To date, ViXS has issued and filed over 100 patents. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, ViXS is a global company with offices located worldwide. For more information, visit

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