Product Sets ensure cabling, system equipment compatibility.

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Landscape® Pretium(TM) Integrated Solutions are pre-engineered optical cabling product sets that map directly to SAN director port blades. Part of this solution, U-Space System, features optical harnesses mapped directly to line cards with port counts from 16-48. With port mapping from MDA patch panel to SAN director, it simplifies design process and reduces infrastructure installation time. High-density trunk cabling and harness solution helps minimize bulk cabling congestion.

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Corning Cable Systems Introduces Landscape® Pretium(TM) Integrated Solutions to Ensure Compatibility between Data Center Cabling and System Equipment

Products precisely map optical components to SAN directors of major electronics vendors

HICKORY, N.C. - Corning Cable Systems LLC, part of Corning Incorporated's (NYSE:GLW) Telecommunications segment, introduces Landscape® Pretium(TM) Integrated Solutions, a pre-engineered optical cabling product set that maps directly to SAN director port blades of major electronics vendors.

Corning Cable Systems U-Space System, part of the solution and a complement to its Plug & Play(TM) Universal Systems, features optical harnesses mapped directly to line cards with port counts ranging from 16 to 48. With port mapping from the MDA patch panel to the SAN director, the U-Space System simplifies the customer's design process and reduces infrastructure installation time. The high-density trunk cabling and harness solution can eliminate more than 75 percent of the bulk cabling congestion in cabinet vertical managers and in the director backplane, promoting air circulation, increasing deployment velocity and improving the manageability of future moves, adds and changes.

When used with 48-port line cards, the U-Space System includes customized 12-fiber Plug & Play Universal System harness assemblies mated to Plug & Play Universal System trunks via MTP® adapter panels. The MTP Connector adapter panels are installed in a 4U Pretium(TM) Connector Housing, which is mounted directly below the SAN director.

For a chassis with 16- or 32-port line cards, the product set includes customized 8-fiber Plug & Play Universal System harnesses and Corning Cable Systems' new Base-8 Module, which transitions 12-fiber MTP connectivity to 8-fiber MTP connectivity. This module eliminates unused or dangling fibers that typically exist when utilizing 12-fiber ribbon connectivity with line cards with 8-fiber increments, improving cable management and air flow efficiency in the cabinet. Like the 48-port system, the Base-8 Modules are installed in a 4U Pretium Connector Housing mounted directly below the SAN director.

The U-Space System features fully identifiable and synchronized labeling that streamlines installation and promotes system management. All components feature Corning Cable Systems' patented "Universal" wiring to internally manage fiber polarity and provide a simple migration path between 2-fiber and parallel optics applications.

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