Product News: Exair’s CE Compliant Vari Blast Precision Safety Air Gun for Safe and Efficient Blowoff

Safety and efficiency are coupled with ergonomic design and engineered air nozzle technology to produce the VariBlast® Precision Safety Air Gun - an essential tool for processes needing a handheld and effective blowoff solution. The VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun provides a focused blast of air capable of handling tough jobs with remarkable ease. This lightweight air gun employs an engineered, variable flow trigger to produce a range of force values for different applications. Equally important, the VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun, like all EXAIR Safety Air Guns, is CE compliant and meets all health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

The VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun is available with a standard 12" or 20" extension which can also be outfitted with an impact-resistant polycarbonate Chip Shield. The air gun body is made of high-impact polyacetal and features a convenient hanger loop for easy storage. The airflow that exits the nozzle can’t be blocked and produces a quiet 58 to 75 dBA noise level (according to air nozzle used) assuring safe operation and meeting all OSHA standards for dead-end pressure and sound level exposure.

The VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun is compatible with various nozzles to allow configuration for unique processes. EXAIR’s complete line of Safety Air Guns are all CE compliant and guarantee high performance and safety. Price starts at $93.00.

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