ProChem Wastewater Solutions Integrate with Alcoa NEWT System

Wichita Falls, Texas

Alcoa (Howmet) held a groundbreaking ceremony on March 9th for a Natural Engineered Wastewater Treatment system (NEWT) that will be installed at their Wichita Falls facility. The NEWT is the first of its kind in Texas, and ProChem, Inc. will be integrating its systems with the NEWT. The existing ProChem wastewater treatment (WWT) system collects industrial wastewater from the facility's manufacturing process, treats it using physical/chemical protocols, and then will feed it to ProChem's HPRO water reuse system for recirculation back into the manufacturing process. The NEWT system will collect sanitary water from the facility, purify it using vegetation, and then feed it to ProChem's HPRO water reuse system also for recirculation into the manufacturing process. With these systems in place, Alcoa will reduce their overall water consumption by 68%.

For more information, read and watch the local news coverage on Alcoa's groundbreaking ceremony:

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