Process Regulation System reduces waste in dairy production.

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Analytical and process control solution, XDS Process Analytics(TM) for dairy, helps optimize raw material use in production of various dairy products. In key process stages, sensors are connected to NIR analysis unit that produces continuous flow of measurement results. Software system handles these results and regulates process automatically or helps production operator make required adjustments. Producers can follow what they have in process line at any given time.

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Food Production on Autopilot Reduces Waste

Simple to Install Process Regulation System Optimizes use of Valuable Raw Materials in Dairy Production

HILLEROD, Denmark, December 18 -- FOSS has released XDS Process Analytics(TM) for the dairy, a powerful analytical and process control solution in a simple-to-integrate form.

XDS Process Analytics(TM) for the dairy helps producers to optimize the use of valuable raw materials such as fat and protein in the production of a variety of dairy products, including quark, butter, powder, mozzarella and whey protein concentrate.

The solution works by using sensors to monitor key stages of the process.
The sensors are connected to a near infrared (NIR) analysis unit that produces a continuous flow of measurement results. A software system handles the results and either regulates the process automatically or helps the production operator to make required adjustments.

Product manager, Ib Haunstrup said: "Automatic control is the future of dairy production and many producers are already benefiting through savings in raw materials. Producers can also follow what they have in the process line at any time - product type, mix of products, CIP reagents, air and so on, so they always know exactly how the process is performing."

Simple installation and maintenance

The concept of monitoring and control of dairy processes using NIR technology is not new, but to date, issues related to calibration and integration into existing process setups have proven barriers to simple implementation. With the support of a global FOSS process installation team, the XDS Process Analytics system is ideal for dairy producers seeking a simple to implement system without the need for in-house experts and lengthy installation procedures.

The FOSS process installation team combines expertise in NIR analysis with in-depth knowledge of dairy engineering.

Expert management over the internet

Users of the system can take the option of allowing FOSS experts to monitor and maintain the system online using FOSS remote internet analysis (RINA) software.

FOSS and the dairy industry

For decades FOSS has helped dairies and milk testing laboratories to keep pace with their analysis demands. Solutions provide analysis and control throughout the production process, from raw material to finished product and from routine analysis to at-line and in-line process control.

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