Process Monitoring/Control System offers high-speed communication.

Press Release Summary:

Model CPM-7000 is multichannel system capable of monitoring 16-256 independent channel inputs. Communicating via Windows-based software and Ethernet connectivity, it can be configured as desktop or wall-mounted unit. Unit features SBC with solid-state hard drive that can store over 3 million readings even if operator PC is off-line. Secure PC connection allows for remote process monitoring and data are retrieved/maintained in Windows Excel compatible csv files.

Original Press Release:

CompuDAS Introduces the CPM-7000 Critical Process Monitoring and Control System

CompuDAS, a leader in Industrial Control and Monitoring, announces its newest entry in Critical Process Monitoring and Control, the CPM-7000. The CPM-7000 provides high-speed, low cost communication utilizing proprietary Window Based Software and Ethernet connectivity.

Designed for plant wide process and environmental monitoring, the CPM-7000 is a multi-channel system capable of monitoring from 16 to 256 independent channel inputs which may be any combination of thermocouples, RTD's, pressure transducers or almost any voltage or current based sensors. Expansion boards may be remote from the base unit for SCADA applications.

The basic CPM-7000 system can be configured as a desktop or wall mounted unit and includes a single Board Computer with built-in solid state Hard Drive that can store over three million readings even if the operator PC is "off-line". Additional storage is available if required.

The data is retrieved and maintained in Windows Excel compatible csv files, eliminating the cost of additional software and training for viewing data. Process monitoring, data file archiving, report generation and operator high-level control are accomplished through our CPMon Windows application. Secure PC connection allows for monitoring of processes remotely. This feature minimizes downtime and costs when technical support is needed by allowing CompuDAS to provide remote support.

CompuDAS provides industrial control and monitoring systems to the aerospace and composite industries that meet current applicable industry specifications such as AMS-2750 and BAC-5621 as required. For further information please contact:

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