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Enabling energy monitoring capabilities throughout entire injection molding facility, Shotscope NX® energy module provides systematic approach to identifying and reducing sources of variation throughout entire workcell. This integrated process and production monitoring system can individually monitor all sources of energy consumption. Molders may collect, manage, and analyze production information, enabling real-time adjustment while satisfying regulatory document management requirements.

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More Customers Using Shotscope NX to Reduce Energy Costs and Boost Productivity

ORLANDO, Florida - Husky Injection Molding Systems today announced that at NPE 2012 (April 2 - 5, Orlando, Florida) it is formally introducing its Shotscope NX® Energy module to the North American market. The new energy module enables enhanced energy monitoring capabilities throughout an entire injection molding facility allowing for significant energy savings. Since its launch, Shotscope NX has gained widespread market acceptance particularly among beverage packaging and medical customers, with 2011 seeing a 60% increase in the number of customer installations.

Shotscope NX is an integrated process and production monitoring system that helps manufacturers improve productivity while minimizing scrap and downtime. It allows molders to collect, manage and analyze production information, which enables real-time adjustment, while satisfying regulatory requirements for document management in markets such as medical. Shotscope NX provides customers with a systematic approach to identifying and reducing sources of variation throughout the entire workcell which results in the ability to produce consistent, high-quality parts.

The new Shotscope NX energy module allows customers to individually monitor all sources of energy consumption, from individual chillers and other pieces of auxiliary equipment, to complete injection molding cells, measuring the amount of energy that is used to process a kilogram of plastic (kilowatt hour per kilogram). Access to this data leads to more effective energy management and an ability to drastically reduce overall energy costs.

Medical customers use Shotscope NX to define and validate process limits by comparing process variables and part quality measurements. In the United States, medical customers increasingly use Shotscope NX because it is able to permanently store process variables for every shot during operation, allowing medical molders to meet strict FDA mandates for quality and data management.

Polymer Conversions Inc. (PCI) in Orchard Park, New York manufactures close tolerance, high quality thermoplastic molded products with a strong focus on medical applications. Using this software has allowed PCI to meet the highest levels of FDA regulation compliance. "Our facility basically cannot run today without Husky's Shotscope system," said Tom Rybicki, PCI's Director of Operations. "By partnering with Husky and implementing Shotscope, we have been able to achieve high-end manufacturing control and bring a superior level of technical value to the marketplace."

In addition to Shotscope NX, Pro-ActTM offers proactive maintenance contracts to help maximize asset availability and performance. Shotscope NX and Pro-Act together allow customers to achieve the best return on investment by maximizing efficiencies throughout a system's life cycle.

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