Process/Instrument Connections work with LFE products.

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Process and instrument connections for laminar flow element (LFE) products, rated for gas flow rates from 0.2 sccm to 40.0 scfm, are available with FISO 7/1 tapered pipe threads or straight threads for use with standard tube fittings. Traceable to NIST, standard accuracy is ±0.72% of reading. All products, featuring 0.1% repeatability, 16 msec response time, and typ turndown of 20:1, are suited for clean, non-condensing gas flow applications below 100 PSIG.

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Meriam Process Technologies Expands Its Selection of Process and Instrument Connections for LFE Products

Meriam Process Technologies, the leader in Laminar Flow Element (LFE) technology, announces new process and instrument connections for their LFE products. Meriam LFE models for gas flow rates of 0.2 SCCM to 40.0 SCFM are now available with FISO 7/1 tapered pipe threads or with straight threads for use with standard tube fittings. Standard accuracy is ± 0.72% of Reading, traceable to NIST, as certified by Meriam's ISO 17025 certified flow lab.

The FISO 7/1 tapered threads meet international tapered thread needs for gas process connections. Instrument connections on these models are also FISO 7/1 tapered thread. For more details, request information on models 50MK10-xMT, 50MJ10-xMT and 50MW20-xMT. The traditional NPT tapered thread models continue to be available from Meriam.

Straight threads for LFE connections by tube fittings have also been added to improve user convenience and reduce leak potential. Options for SAE J1926 straight thread with O-ring seal and DIN 3852 Part 2 straight thread with O-ring seal are designed for easy connection to tubing flow systems. Instrument connections use the same thread options. For additional details on these models, request information on 50MK10-XS / -xMS, 50MJ10-xS / -xMS or 50MW20-xS / -xMS.

LFEs are popular for all clean, non-condensing gas flow applications below 100 PSIG. ± 0.72% of Reading accuracy, 0.1% repeatability, 16 milliseconds response time, and typical turndown of 20:1 make LFEs excellent choices for flow measurement. Typical applications include leak detection and quantification of systems or discrete parts, calibration standards, critical flow measurements, flow control, engine and emission testing and many others.

Meriam Process Technologies provides products and solutions for precision measurement of pressure, temperature, flow and level and is a recognized leader in calibration instrumentation. For more information, contact Meriam Process Technologies, 10920 Madison Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102. Telephone: 216-281-1100. FAX: 216-281-0228. Web:

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