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More Options for Recording Current Signals

CHESTERLAND, OH - CAS DataLoggers now offers a wide selection of equipment data loggers to monitor and record 4-20 mA process current signals provided by many common types of sensors and transducers. Data from current loops, widely used in applications where long cable runs and noise are concerns, can easily be captured for record keeping, alarming or diagnostics.

By offering this wide selection of loggers, CAS Solutions Analysts can provide the exact product fit depending on the number of channels required, sample rate, data storage required and other requirements of the application. Here are just a few of the Current Data Loggers solutions available:

MilliAmper - Single channel, battery powered for remote applications with a removable memory card.

Accsense A1-10 Pod - Wireless current monitoring with automatic upload and a web interface.

Grant Squirrel SQ20xx - Portable battery operated loggers ideal for temporary collection and trouble shooting.

Datataker DT8x - Rugged, industrial data loggers with flexible inputs, alarms and triggering.

Delphin - High speed data loggers for capturing transient events.

For further solutions for you Current Data Logger applications, contact a CAS DataLogger Solution Analysts for application specific recommendations by calling (800)-956-4437 or visit the DC Current Data Logger Page.

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