PRIMA North America Announces Sale of LASERDYNE® 790XS BeamDirector® Nd:YAG Drilling System to HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED - First Order from India

Champlin, Minnesota: PRIMA North America, Inc., the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, announced receipt of an order for a LASERDYNE 790XS BeamDirector laser drilling system from HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED (HAL), Bangalore, India to be used for laser processing turbine engine components.

Dr. Paolo Cigna, president and CEO of PRIMA North America, announced the order explaining the significance to both companies:
"We are especially pleased to make this announcement because it is the first order for a LASERDYNE laser drilling system from India and, to our knowledge, the first Nd:YAG drilling system for aerospace applications in that country. This is a tremendous step forward for HAL as a manufacturer and for PRIMA North America as the provider of LASERDYNE systems. The 790XS was ordered with a CONVERGENT LASER P50L laser, another product of PRIMA North America. The combination of the CONVERGENT LASER high peak power drilling laser with the LASERDYNE SYSTEMS workstation and recently released software for LASERDYNE systems will allow HAL to process its parts both faster and to a more consistent airflow than similar parts manufactured elsewhere around the world."

HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED is a global provider of turbine engine components having started operations in 1940. Today the company has 16 production units and 9 research and design centers in 7 locations in India. With an impressive product track record for both civilian and defense aircraft applications, its manufacturing success is based both on in-house research and development and licensing of its designs. In addition to aircraft, HAL manufactures turbine engines and has extensive overhaul capabilities for both aircraft and engines. 790XS Is The Most Modern Technology For Producing Laser Drilled Components

"We look forward to the delivery and commissioning of the 790XS system to HAL in early 2007," reported Terry VanderWert, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PRIMA North America. "The system as configured represents the most modern technology in the world for producing laser drilled components. The order is a further confirmation that by integrating control of the laser, motion system, and process sensors based on a fundamental understanding of laser drilling, we are creating a huge change in the laser drilling process.

There are three critical elements that have brought about this change, reports VanderWert. "First, LASERDYNE designs proprietary built control and sensing hardware. Second, we have the ability to create software that closely links the laser, controller, sensors, and motion system on multiple levels. Third, there is LASERDYNE'S 25 years experience developing laser processes and equipment for our customers who have embraced and implemented these systems and provided feedback and intelligence for new generation systems. Their reports confirm our new designs and internal testing. For example, our customers report airflow in turbine engine components is now being held to a tolerance of ±3% or better when using all the features of our integrated systems, instead of ±10% that was previously associated with laser drilling. In addition, production rates are much greater than the older systems with tuned resonator Nd:YAG lasers."

LASERDYNE'S 790XS is a full featured six axis system including rotary tables and LASERDYNE's exclusive Optical Focus Control (OFC). OFC complements the 790 BeamDirector's patented Automatic Focus Control (AFC) and provides HAL with new capabilities such as precision drilling of cooling holes in thermal barrier coated turbine engine components. Additional new features on this system include the S94P laser process controller, BreakThrough Detection, At Focus Drilling(TM), CylPerf(TM) laser drilling, and FlowComp(TM) control of hole size.

LASERDYNE products have become the technology standard for the aerospace industry and are used in turbine engine manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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