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Pressure Transducers combine compact size, high performance.

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Pressure Transducers combine compact size, high performance.

May 30, 2014 - Designed to provide air pressure monitoring within OEM applications, Type 3110 single-loop electro-pneumatic analog circuit-card servo pressure transducer occupies overall footprint of 2 x 2.8 in. Analog monitor output ranges are available from 29 in. Hg to 600 psig, and there are 2 unique manifold block configurations available. User-selectable and configurable (zero and span) control signals include 0–10 Vdc or 4–20 mA; custom signal outputs are available upon request.

Marsh Bellofram Corp. - Newell, WV

Original Press Release

Marsh Bellofram Precision Controls Division Introduces Circuit Card Electro-Pneumatic Servo Pressure Transducers

Press release date: May 21, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Newell, West Virginia, USA – The Precision Controls Division (Bellofram PCD) of Marsh Bellofram Corporation (, a member of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies, has announced its Type 3110 single-loop electro-pneumatic analog circuit-card servo pressure transducer. The Type 3110 is designed to provide compact, high-performance, economical air pressure monitoring within OEM applications.

Occupying an overall footprint of just 2 x 2.8 inches (50.8 x 71.12 mm), with available analog monitor output ranges from 29” Hg to 600 psig, the Type 3110 offers user-selectable, configurable (zero and span) industry standard 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA control signals, with custom signal outputs available upon request. Industry-standard analog output signals (0-10 V or 4-20 mA optional) are available for actual output pressure monitoring. Logic output signals (high or low) are also available for user-defined set point status monitoring, whether “at set point” or “still searching.”

Two unique manifold block configurations are available. One features front ports to facilitate direct panel mounting or seamless insertion into a DIN-rail adapter tray. The second option, featuring bottom ports, is typically specified for multi-unit pressure manifold systems. An onboard pressure transducer within the manifold block permits ±0.5% full scale accuracy. Custom multi-unit manifolds are also available upon request. Type 3110 is ideal for OEMs looking for high-accuracy pressure monitoring without sacrificing the high-end capabilities of full-size I/Ps. Typical applications include damper control; gas chromatography; process control; and medical equipment.

With more than 40 years of expertise, Bellofram PCD specializes in the design and manufacture of air and gas pressure regulators, relays, servo pressure controllers, I/P’s and E/P’s, analog circuit card pressure transducers and regulators, diaphragm air cylinders, FRL’s and related accessories for critical OEM, HVAC and industrial applications. Direct-acting, high-performance Bellofram PCD air pressure regulators offer precision control, high-accuracy, maximum stability, large flow and exhaust capabilities to support even the most challenging environments. In addition, the company’s pneumatic relays provide cost-effective, high-performance air regulation across a variety of applications and markets.

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