Pressure Transducer includes LED digital indicator.

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Model PS409 is 4 in. deep with 3/8 DIN enclosure, suitable for test panels and test cells where low-pressure readings are required. It provides 5 Vdc analog output for recording, remote display, or control purposes. Panel mount digital indicator, with 0.5 in. high, 4½ digit display provides readout in psi, in. Hg, and in. H2O. Transducer is offered in absolute, gage, and differential versions with pressure ranges from 0.1-3200 psi FS. Operating range is 0-160°F.

Original Press Release:

Validyne Introduces a Higher Level Of Low-Pressure Measurement and Display

November 2002, Los Angeles, California -- Validyne Engineering takes the pressure and makes it easy to read with the introduction of the PS409 integrated pressure transducer and LED digital indicator.

Recently, Validyne Engineering identified the need for a space saving transducer and digital indicator that was economical, easy to use, and could be configured to provide a wide range of pressure measurements. The company's solution, the PS409, brings it all together into one elegant, integrated pressure transducer and LED digital indicator.

With dual functionality, lightweight construction and compact size - just 4" deep with a 3/8 DIN enclosure - the PS409 digital indicator and pressure transducer is ideal for test panels and test cells in industrial and laboratory applications where accurate low-pressure readings are required. In addition, the unit provides a 5 Vdc analog output suitable for recording, remote display or control purposes.

The panel-mount digital indicator, with large 0.5" high, 4-1/2 digit display, provides a clear readout in three engineering units, PSI, In. HG and In. H20, which can be selected from the front panel. The indicator also features separate calibration adjustments for meter display and analog output.

The transducer is available in absolute, gage and differential versions. Unlike other sensor designs, PS409 gage and differential transducers feature easy-to-replace sensing diaphragms and can be re-configured to measure 23 pressure ranges from 0.1 psi FS to 3200 psi FS. With an operating range of 0°F - 160°F (-17°C to 71°C), the PS409 also comes standard with corrosion-resistant Type 410 stainless steel and Inconel at point of contact with the pressure media.

Reliability, versatility and excellent customer service have made Validyne Engineering a preferred supplier of pressure transducers and signal conditioning systems for 35 years. For more information, call 818-886-2057 or visit them on the web at

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