Pressure Transducer has measures up to 5,000 bar.

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Suited for use in water-jet cutting systems, P2V measures both static and dynamic pressures with accuracy at 0.3% at 5,000 bar and 0.2% in lower range models. Measuring frequency is 4.5 kHz. Body is finished from continuous piece of steel with no welded seams, and integrated low-noise DC amplifier is available either with voltage output of 0.5-10 V or current output of 4-20 mA. Unit supports TEDS information to store all essential transducer data.

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Latest Transducer Meets High Pressure Challenges

Darmstadt - The latest P2V compact high pressure transducers from HBM have excellent measuring properties at up to 5 000 bar that are needed, for example, in water-jet cutting systems.

The P2V is suitable for measuring both static and dynamic pressures with a measurement accuracy at 0.3 per cent at 5,000 bar and 0.2 per cent in lower range models. Dynamic pressure characteristics can be very precisely defined because of the high measuring frequency of 4.5 kHz.

The P2V's precision can markedly improve the dimensional accuracy of work pieces.

The measuring body is finished from a continuous piece of steel with no welded seams making the transducers extremely robust and reliable with a long service life. The P2V pressure transducers are available for nominal (rated) pressures of 0...100 bar up to 0...5,000 bar.

A high-quality, low-noise DC amplifier is directly integrated in the transducer, avail-able either with a voltage output (0.5...10 V) or a current output (4...20 mA). The P2V supports Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) information to store all essential transducer data ensuring the user can save significant time and costs when configur-ing a measurement system.

Typical applications for the P2V are found throughout general mechanical engineer-ing sectors where very high pressures need to be measured.

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