Pressure Sensor mounts to pc board.

Press Release Summary:

Digital Output Pressure Series, with barometer, features pc board mountable package with 2 pressure ports and pressure ranges from 5 in. water to 100 psi. Sensor has 12- to 14-bit digital serial output and incorporates bi-directional, TTL level, and asynchronous serial interface mode. Host can interrogate sensor for model information, pressure range, serial number, pressure units, and conversion factor. Package, with 6 electrical leads, measures 1 sq in.

Original Press Release:

High Accuracy Digital Output Pressure Sensors Introduced

All Sensors Corporation of San Jose, California has announced the introduction of the DIGITAL OUTPUT PRESSURE-Series of pressure sensors.

Package features: The sensors are offered in a pc board mountable package with two pressure ports. Pressure ranges are available from 5-inch water full scale to one hundred psi full scale, including a high accuracy barometer. The package is roughly one inch square with six electrical leads.

Electrical features: The sensors are available with a 12 bit digital serial output (14 bit in High Resolution Mode) with superior offset, span and linearity characteristics. The output is SPI and MICROWIRE/PLUS® compatible. In addition to synchronous communications, the Digital Output pressure sensors incorporates a bi-directional, TTL level, asynchronous serial interfaces mode (hardware selectable 9,600 or 19,200 baud). This mode includes a command set that allows the host to interrogate the sensor for model information, pressure range, serial number, pressure units and conversion factor. The command set also allows the host to select a high resolution output mode, make minor adjustments to offset and has an addressable feature that allows multiple sensors to be tied to the same interface buss.

Typical Applications: The sensors electrical output is compatible with All Sensors Corporation and General Sensors GA-Series Digital Pressure Sensors.

A data sheet for the sensors can be downloaded from the companies website at

For additional information, please contact:
Dennis Dauenhauer......(408) 225-4314 x201....fax (408) 225-2079.

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