Pressure Sensor is suited for glow plug adapters.

Press Release Summary:

With miniaturized plug connection, Model 6056A M5 size pressure sensor can be installed deep inside glow plug adapter, allowing different adapters to be fitted with single type of standard-length pressure sensor. Sensor does not need any additional indicator bore for mounting and cylinder pressure measurements can be taken close to combustion.

Original Press Release:

New Universal Glow Plug Sensor Simplifies Indicator Measurements

Kistler is now offering the Type 6056A... pressure sensor for use in glow plug adapters. This new highly precise M5 size sensor with its tried-and-tested measuring element has a miniaturized plug connection to permit installation deep inside the glow plug adapter. Thanks to this innovation, many different glow plug adapters can be fitted with a single type of standard-length pressure sensor.

This simplification facilitates the preparation of indicator measurements, reduces the need to keep stocks of sensors in various lengths and shortens delivery times.
The use of glow plug adapters permits cylinder pressure measurements to be taken without need for a separate measuring bore. The adapter is screwed into the existing bore of the original glow plug. Thus, glow plug adapters use the existing bore, allow a sensor to be mounted simply without need for an additional indicator bore and permit pressure measurements to be taken close to the combustion.

Kistler designs glow plug adapters to suit the intended purpose, the geometry of the original glow plug and the cylinder head space available.

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