Pressure Sensitive Tapes

International Tape Company (ITC) offers a complete range of high quality pressure sensitive tapes available to the global marketplace that may be used for home, office, industry and institutional application purposes. The convenient use of pressure sensitive tape makes it an ideal choice for a number of tasks serving the needs of our customers in a variety of industries.

ITC manufactures pressure sensitive tapes that will adhere with light pressure but with outstanding performance. More so, our pressure sensitive tapes are available with both permanent and temporary adhesion - providing our customers with a selection that is best suited to their tape application needs. From those in the automotive business who rely on the permanence and durability of a pressure sensitive tape for use in applying interior trim in a vehicle-to our customers in the shipping industry who require a flexible, environmentally suitable pressure sensitive tape to ensure the successful delivery and distribution of packages.

We are certain our pressure sensitive tapes will exceed your expectations. But as simple as the use of tape sounds, a pressure sensitive tape needs to maintain many critical properties in order for it to function reliably and efficiently so that it is also cost effective for your business. We evaluate our pressure sensitive tapes using three distinct performance factors-adhesion, tack, and shear resistance.

And our pressure sensitive tapes are available in a variety of compositions including:

o Acrylic adhesives - ideal for bonding materials such as vinyl, paper, foam, and film; high tack, excellent peel, and high heat resistant

o Rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesives - suitable for multiple purpose applications include bonding of polyester bags, gaskets and foam, weather-stripping, and laminating materials; bonds quickly and has great peel strength

o Styrene copolymers (SIS / SBS) - for best use as a cover tape on containers that require resistance to high heat & U V Exposure

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