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Press Brake integrates automated tool changer unit.

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Press Brake integrates automated tool changer unit.

Nov 21, 2012 - Intended for small to medium batch production, ToolCell Hydraulic Press Brake features 10 ft configuration with bending force of 150 tons. Library of top and bottom tooling is housed within tooling stadium located under machine’s backgauge. Gripper design, built into machine’s backgauge finger, allows backgauge to serve as tool changer mechanism. Equipped with Touch-B 19 in. touchscreen control, press brake uses Easy-Form® Laser angle monitoring and correction technology to ensure part consistency.

Original Press Release

LVD Strippit Introduces Auto Tool Changing Press Brake

Press release date: Nov 08, 2012

Akron, NY—LVD Strippit introduces the ToolCell press brake system with integrated tool changer unit. ToolCell’s automated tool changing system reduces press brake set up time, maximizing throughput and efficiency for small to medium batch production. ToolCell was introduced at EuroBLECH.

ToolCell addresses the trend toward reduced batch sizes and shortened lead times, as well as the need to increase throughput to allow for reduced stock levels and the manufacture of the exact quantity just in time for the production line. ToolCell also reduces labor cost by eliminating the necessity for skilled labor experienced in tool set-up procedures.

ToolCell is a hydraulic press brake with integrated storage of a library of top and bottom tooling housed within a “tooling stadium” located under the machine’s backgauge. An innovative gripper design built into the machine’s backgauge finger allows the backgauge to serve as the tool changer mechanism. As the operator prepares for the next job, selecting the worksheet or moving blank parts to the machine, the press brake automatically changes the top and bottom tooling as required for the job. Tools are all held within the machine, significantly minimizing tool changeover time.

All tool stations are precisely positioned by the gripper mechanism. Adjustment of tooling stations typically experienced when manually setting tools is eliminated, therefore optimizing overall bending performance.

ToolCell is a robust, precision press brake equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics offered in multi-axis configurations. The press brake is built on a rigid frame design to ensure accuracy.

This press brake system features the patented Easy-Form® Laser in process angle monitoring and correction technology ensuring consistency from the first to the last part.. Easy-Form Laser uses measurement at the front and back of the die to determine the exact value of the angle of the workpiece. The sensing devices transmit information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and subsequently recalculates the correct depth adjustment in process to obtain the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted, and no production time is lost.

ToolCell is equipped with LVD Strippit’s latest generation 19” touch screen control, Touch-B. Touch-B features intuitive graphical icons used to control all parameters of the machine, ensuring fast and efficient operation. ToolCell can also be simply programmed offline using LVD Strippit’s CADMAN®-B Tool Changer module.

ToolCell is initially in a 150 ton by 10 foot configuration with additional models of 190 or 240 ton bending force and 10 foot or 13 foot bend length configurations to follow. The system features capacity to hold up to two complete lengths of self-seating top tooling (punches) and five complete lengths of bottom tooling (Vee dies). The tooling stadium can be equipped with a flexible tooling configuration to suit specific application requirements.

The LVD Group is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of sheet metal/plate working machine tools and software solutions, including laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and mid-level automation systems, integrated and supported by its CADMAN® PC-based Windows® compatible software.

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