Presenting the World's Fastest Robot - The Adept Quattro(TM) s650

The ADEPT Quattro s650 features a unique 4-parallel arm structure and will be capable of moving payloads of up to 2 KG at accelerations of 15 ~ 20G, and over a work area of 1300mm x 1300mm with almost zero settling time. The Adept Quattro s650 will be tightly integrated with AdeptVision which will enable intelligent vision inspection, guidance, and conveyor tracking capability. Primary applications include high-speed pick & place, part sortation, line balancing, kitting, and assembly. Target markets include: Food, Packaging, Personal Care, Medical, and Electronics, although it can be used in other industries and in other applications requiring high-speed motion. A wash down variant is also available.


The ADEPT Quattro s650 will be shown at the AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY EXPO WEST Show located in the Anaheim Convention Center from February 13~15, 2007.



Press kits will be available to you for pickup at our booth and at our press conference during the show. If you have any questions, please contact me. We look forward to seeing you there.

Adept Technology, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent vision guided robotics and global robotics services, is presenting the world's fastest robot, the Adept Quattro s650, a unique 4-arm parallel robot specifically designed for high-speed packaging of a wide range of lightweight products, including cookies, confectionary, frozen food packets, baked goods, cosmetics, personal care products, medical devices, pharmaceutics products, and electronic components. The Adept Quattro robot is integrated with vision-guided conveyor tracking for very reliable and flexible packaging on the fly. It features higher speeds, a larger work envelope and greater flexibility of motion than do conventional parallel and delta robots.

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