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Preprinted Barcode Labels feature database of unique codes.

Press Release Summary:

Aug 08, 2012 - Rolls of preprinted barcode labels enable assets to be labeled and descriptions to be added for each ID. Item descriptions can be added to database using Excel or other programs, and uploaded to cloud-based servers using codeREADr app. Once asset IDs are assigned, app users can scan labels, collect data, and post scans to servers for online viewing and exporting. Designed for tracking items with no barcodes, labels and system allow them to be tracked with iOS and Android phones and devices.

Skycore, LLC - Boston, MA

Original Press Release

Tracking Assets with Smartphones and Pre-Printed QR Labels

Press release date: Jul 30, 2012

codeREADr Now Offers Databases of Barcode IDs Embedded in Rolls of Low-Cost, Pre-Printed, Sticky Labels. Assets can be Labeled and Descriptions Associated to each ID. Employees Scan the Labels with codeREADr's App to Collect Data and Track Assets Online.

Boston, MA - Skycore LLC, developers of the commercial 'codeREADr' barcode scanning app (, today announced offering databases of random, unique QR barcodes pre-printed on rolls of low-cost, sticky labels. The offering is designed to simplify asset tracking for items that don't already have barcodes affixed to them and to conveniently track items using iOS and Android smartphones and devices.

Item descriptions can be added to the database using Excel or similar programs and subsequently uploaded to codeREADr's cloud-based servers. Once affixed to the assets, app users can scan the labels, collect data and then post scans to codeREADr's servers for online viewing and exporting.

"Our codeREADr app already enables anyone with a smartphones to scan, track and validate barcodes for commercial applications. We saw the demand for tracking assets without capital expense and time-consuming preparation, so it was the logical next step to help simplify the process," said Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC.

Users create custom services on to collect asset details such as quantity, location, condition and status. Developers can use codeREADr's APIs for integrating sophisticated, real-time tracking applications. Optional NFC tags are available for secure applications.

A roll of 1,000 QR labels with database costs $49.95. offers a free trial plan and upgrades starting at $9.99/mo. Please visit

About codeREADr
Skycore LLC's ( codeREADr SaaS platform ( is a cloud-based auto-ID and data capture (AIDC) solution which enables mobile apps to read, track & authenticate data-embedded barcodes & NFC objects anywhere, any time. No CAPEX or training is required. Data embedded objects may include tickets, coupons, inventory and virtually any asset as well membership, corporate, student, patient and other IDs, whether presented in print or mobile.

Richard Eicher Sr.
Director, Business Development
Skycore LLC
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