Precision Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables are used in positioning for assembly, testing and production. The manual and motorized tables and turntables are available. Worm-gear drives come in three ratios: 18: 1, 36:1 and 72:1, The knob is engraved in 0.1 degree increments; it can be replaced with a stepper motor if desired. Table size is 2.37" (6.2 cm) high, 5.27" (13.7 cm) diameter and 8.28" (210 mm) long with a 1.57"(39 mm) clear aperture through the center.

The turntable features include an easy to read engraved 360° scale, 6 minute (0.1 degree) resolution, maximum horizontal load capacity of 90 kg (200 pounds), and have optional home switch (zero reference).

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