Precision Filament Power Supply has non-isolated design.

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Rated for 0-5 Vdc @ 0-3 A, center-tapped FIL-5V-3A operates in constant current (CC) regulated mode or constant voltage (CV) regulated mode and features automatic crossover between both. Output load regulation is less than 0.5% in CV mode and under 0.05% in CC mode. Between +26.4 and +21.6 Vdc, output line regulation is less than 0.01%. Product is suited for beam applications from electron guns to ion beams in equipment from focused ion beam workstations to mass spectrometers.

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Ultravolt® Introduces Non-Isolated Precision Filament Supply

RONKONKOMA, New York - June 7, 2007 - UltraVolt, Inc., the world-leading manufacturer of standard-product DC-to-DC high-voltage power supplies, today announced the introduction of the FIL-5V-3A precision filament supply ("FIL" Series).

The FIL-5V-3A is a precision, center-tapped, non-isolated, low-voltage filament supply rated for 0 to 5 VDC at 0 to 3 Amps. The supply features high precision and high stability and is designed for a variety of beam applications from electron guns to ion beams in devices such as high-precision scanning electron microscope inspection tools, focused ion beam workstations, and mass spectrometers.

UltraVolt's precision filament supply operates in either constant current regulated mode or constant voltage regulated mode. In constant current (CC) mode, the current control sets output current and the voltage control sets the voltage limit. In constant voltage (CV) mode, the voltage control sets the output and the current control sets the current limit. Units feature automatic crossover between CC and CV modes.

"FIL" Series modules also meet important specs. Output load regulation is less than 0.5%, no load to full load, in CV mode and less than 0.05% in CC mode, short circuit to full load. Between +26.4VDC and +21.6VDC, output line regulation is less than 0.01% in either CV or CC mode. Units currently exhibit a temperature coefficient of 15ppm/°C in CC mode.

"The new FIL Series gives our customers exactly what they have been asking for - a high level of precision in a filament supply, without the precision prices!" said James Morrison, Executive Vice President. "The device can be used by innovative beam supply engineers with other precision UV devices such as the "E" Series to advance their designs to never-before-realized levels of stability, repeatability and accuracy."

Units are available with several options, including mu-metal, wrap-around shielding; an eared mounting plate; finned heat sinks (especially for PCB mounting); an RF-tight aluminum case; and the -R6 option for full RoHS compliance.

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