Precision Case Shafting suits linear motion applications.

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Suited for power transmission applications, EZEE Precision Case Shafting is produced with electromagnetic-based hardening system. Offered in lengths up to 15 ft, product comes in 100 variations and diameters from ¼-3 in., including 8 metric sizes. Options include pre-drilled shafts; metric dimensioned shafts; and chrome plating. Custom machined shafts include flats; keyways; drilled/tapped radial holes; axial and coaxial holes; and dowelling and butt joining.

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Ezee Precision Case Shafting Machines Easily, Maintains Consistent Straightness for Linear Motion and Power Transmission Applications

Piscataway, NJ - LEE Controls, Inc. is utilizing its electromagnetic based proprietary hardening system to produce new EZEE Precision Case Shafting for linear motion and power transmission applications. The company claims the highest load carrying capabilities and the same hardness ratings as the finest case hardened shafting.

"EZEE is easy," says LEE Controls' vice president Jim Ashworth, speaking about the product's easy machineability. "Machinists will appreciate EZEE's Precision Case that sets new standards in case depth with a 'controlled' thinner case having a more defined transition to core."

According to Ashworth, other case hardened steel shafting manufacturers had no absolute control over case thickness. But with the company's new automated hardening system, a more even and precise case can now be accurately computer controlled. "The result is a thinner case that is more durable than standard case hardened shafting with the same hardness and load carrying capacity but easier to machine," he explains.

EEZE Precision Case Shafting is particularly suited for applications requiring long shaft lengths because of the ability to maintain better straightness with reduced distortion, the company claims. Available in standard lengths up to 15 feet, users will also benefit from material that has less internal stress.

Options for EZEE Precision Case Shafting include: Pre-drilled shafts; Metric dimensioned shafts; Custom machined shafts; Hard chrome plating for enhanced appearance and corrosion resistance.

EZEE Precision Case Shafting is available immediately in over 100 different variations and diameters from 1/4" to 3" including 8 metric sizes, and lengths up to 15 feet. The company provides precision machining operations to customize the shafts, including: Flats; Keyways; Radial holes drilled and/or tapped; Axial and coaxial holes in shaft ends; Dowelling and butt joining to obtain longer lengths; and others.

LEE Controls, Inc. is an innovative and valued supplier to the linear motion control products industry and to OEMs in many diversified industries worldwide. The company's comprehensive product line, featured in the Linear Motion Design Manual and Catalog, includes 60 Plus® Precision Case Steel Shafting, shaft support rails and blocks, linear roller bearing pillow blocks and linear carriage locks, slide tables and systems. LEE Controls, Inc., 727 South Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854. Phone: 1-800-221-0811; FAX: 1-732-968-7080; E-Mail: Web:

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