Precision Blade Strippers Provide a Clean Strip on Jacketed Material

The LS Series Wire and Cable Strippers from The Eraser Company can provide a clean strip on a variety of jacketed material types and sizes. The LS10 is hand operated and uses standard clamps.  This machine can strip material with an outer diameter up to 1.25". To operate, simply place the material in the unit and with one pull of the handle, the blades will close, sever the insulation, and remove the slug.  Return the handle to the start position to remove the stripped material. The LSR10 is also hand operated, but features rubber covered clamps to eliminate markings on the jacket. The LSR10 can strip material with an outer diameter up to 1.06".

The LSA20 and LSAR20 are air-operated versions of the LS10 and LSR10.  To operate, open the blades and insert the material.  Close the guard to activate the stripping action and when complete, open the guard to remove the stripped material.

All units feature an adjustable length stop to ensure consistent strip lengths.

Die blades are required and can be selected by measuring the diameter of the conductor.  Parallel blades and custom blades are also available.  Take advantage of the Eraser Certification Program to send in sample material and let our technical experts determine the correct blades for your application.

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