Precision Antibacklash Gears Available in Rugged Locknut Design

New Design Provides Long-Term Reliability

Jasper, FL - July 9, 2009 - Ascent Precision Gear Corporation announces the availability of precision, fine-pitch antibacklash gears with a new locknut-and-washer-style hub that positively retains the fixed gear, allowing for a stronger, more robust product. The locknut hub provides better long-term reliability and helps prevent gear separation during difficult installations.

Standard antibacklash gears generally retain the fixed gear to the gear hub with only a press-fit and staking. Our locknut hub is press-fit into the gear, and then held in place with a stainless steel washer and jam nut, eliminating the possibility of the gear coming off. With only a .140-inch (3.57mm) increase in length, these stronger gears can be utilized in most applications requiring precision antibacklash gears. Stocked up to 6 ½" diameter and AGMA quality 14, with custom sizes available.

Ascent Precision Gear Corp. is a quality-oriented manufacturer of precision antibacklash, spur, helical, and worm gearing, serving many industries including aerospace, defense, medical, optics, robotics, etc. Contact Chuck Murray at the above numbers for more information.

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