Pre-Engineered Workcell processes medium to large parts.

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ArcWorld® V-6300 features 3 overhead-mounted, 6-axis EA1400 Expert Arc welding robots configured to facilitate tool changes. Controlled by one XRC 2001 robot controller, all robots have 6.6 lb payload and 54.6 in. horizontal reach with ±0.003 in. repeatability. Workcell design provides part positioning on robot and operator stations simultaneously. Ferris-wheel type positioner includes two 2,646 lb capacity headstocks.

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Motoman's New ArcWorld V-6300: Flexibility, Hyperproductivity® in a Compact, Pre-Engineered Robot Solution

Dayton, Ohio - Motoman's new pre-engineered ArcWorld® V-6300 solution is a high-performance workcell for processing medium to large parts. It features three overhead-mounted six-axis EA1400 "Expert Arc" welding robots, which improve access to the work piece(s) and reduce floorspace requirements by up to 44 percent over the standard ArcWorld IV-6300 cell with floor-mounted robots. The ArcWorld V series also offers unmatched tool change capability - less than four minutes - due to the unique overhead-mounted robot configuration.

The advanced EA1400 welding robots feature an integrated cable design that improves cable life, reduces programming time by eliminating cable interference, and facilitates circumferential welding on large parts. The compact EA1400 robots have a 3-kg (6.6-lb) payload, and have a 1,388-mm (54.6") horizontal reach with a repeatability of ±0.08 mm (±0.003"). All robots are controlled by one XRC 2001 robot controller, which is capable of Multiple Robot Control of up to FOUR robots (36 axes of motion) with a single point of control.

The flexible design of the ArcWorld V-6300 workcell provides part positioning on two stations (robot and operator) simultaneously. The XRC's advanced Multiple Robot Control software allows motion of all three robots in the ArcWorld V-6300 workcell to be fully coordinated with the rotating positioner axes. The ferris-wheel type positioner includes two 1,200-kg (2,646-lb) capacity headstocks that provide coordinated part positioning with a four-second index time.

The ArcWorld V-6300's total safety environment includes dual-channel safety-rated, tamper-resistant interlocks; complete barrier guarding; single point of operator control (for all robots); and dual-channel light curtains at the front of the cell - all in compliance with the ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 safety standard. A space-saving interlocked roll-up door at the front of the workcell is available as an option to further reduce floorspace requirements.

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