PPS Stock Shapes combine resilience and machinability.

Press Release Summary:

Stocked in rod and plate, TECATRON® PPS is made from FDA-compliant resins and maintains chemical resistance and purity while exhibiting tensile strength of 15,000 psi, tensile modulus of 731,500 psi, and compressive modulus of 367,000 psi. Additional properties include flexural strength of 24,000 psi; flexural modulus of 622,000 psi; and compression strength 17,800 psi. These properties result in finished parts that are tough and resilient and facilitate machining by end users.

Original Press Release:

New Improved Tecatron® PPS Stock Shapes are More Resilient and Easier to Machine

Ensinger, Inc. has introduced new and improved TECATRON PPS stock shapes for industrial applications. The new TECATRON PPS maintains particularly good chemical resistance and high purity while exhibiting increases in tensile strength, tensile modulus, compressive modulus, and greatly improved elongation properties. These property enhancements should result in finished parts that are tougher, more resilient, and easier for end users to machine. Because of its excellent chemical resistance and machinability, TECATRON PPS is ideal for a variety of applications, including fuel cells for the energy industry. Made from FDA compliant resins, it is also used extensively in applications where FDA compliance is required.

New improved TECATRON PPS will be stocked in both rod and plate. Improved characteristics include tensile strength 15,000 psi; tensile modulus 731,500 psi; flexural strength 24,000 psi; flexural modulus 622,000 psi; compression strength 17,800 psi; and compression modulus 367,000 psi.

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