PPI Helps Auto Parts Manufacturer Make Large DCPD Truck Hoods

GREENSBURG, PA – An automotive parts manufacturer in Mexico wanted to make 50-pound hoods for large over-the-road trucks using Metton® liquid molding resin, which is composed of two, low-viscosity DCPD streams injected into a closed mold.

The challenge: How to deliver shot sizes up to 5,000 grams/second, while insuring that no air entered the system and all key processing parameters of ratio control, temperature, pressure and flow rates were maintained.

Polyurethane Process Industries (PPI) supplied an Impianti OMS EcoMaster 400/200 reaction injection molding (RIM) machine, specially equipped to deliver the Metton to two high-pressure mix heads without nucleation or bubbles in the materials. Maintaining low pad pressure and slow agitator speeds were critical. Low-pressure feed pumps were used to maintain head pressure on the metering pumps.

The two mix heads combined the activator and catalyst at a 1:1 ratio by impingement mixing and injected the mixture into a closed mold mounted to a 120-ton, vertical hydraulic press. PPI also supplied the press, which was designed with 10- by 12-foot platens that open like a book for easier mold preparation and unloading of the finished truck hoods.

A closed-loop control system, which self corrects all key processing parameters and allows remote access troubleshooting, maintains full process control.

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