PPCIe8443 Controller Board comes with utility software.

Press Release Summary:

PPCIe8443 Controller Board is integrated with PCL6046 large-scale integration chip. Unit can perform linear interpolation up to four axes, arbitrary two-axis circular and continuous interpolation. Product offers 13 types of homing, velocity and positioning override and trigger output. Board comes with function libraries and can generate pulses which can control servo and stepper motors.

Original Press Release:

Nippon Pulse Releases New Controller Board with PCI-Express Bus Interface

Nippon Pulse is excited to introduce its newest available controller board, the PPCIe8443. An upgrade from Nippon Pulse’s previous PPCI7443 controller board, the new “PCI Express” board utilizes an updated PCI-express bus interface that can control up to 4 axes of coordinated motion.

PPCIe8443 comes equipped with Nippon Pulse’s PCL6046 large-scale integration chip, and can generate high-speed pulses to control input-type servo and stepper motors. The PPCIe8443 allows complicated operations to be internally processed so your CPU’s axis control load is reduced.

The PPCIe board is capable of up to four axes of linear interpolation, arbitrary two-axis circular interpolation, and continuous interpolation, as well as linear and S-curve acceleration and deceleration. It also features 13 types of homing, velocity and positioning override, and trigger output at a specified position with position comparison (FIFO).

This board also comes with utility software for application development, in which available information for all axes and signal statuses are displayed for convenient system debugging during a project’s early stages. Function libraries are also available, as are definition files (for VC, VB and C # languages) and sample programs.

About the Company: Nippon Pulse America Inc. is an American subsidiary of Tokyo-based Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. Nippon Pulse is a global manufacturer and Tier 1 supplier of precision motion control products for original equipment manufacturers. We provide a wide array of motion control solutions to meet your needs, including industry-leading stepper motors, the innovative Linear Shaft Motor, controllers and drivers. For more information about Nippon Pulse’s quality products, visit nipponpulse.com or call 1-540-633-1677.

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