Power System provides uninterruptible emergency back-up.

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Measuring 14 in. wide, battery-operated SILENT SENTRY(TM) mounts flush on or between wall studs 16 in. O.C. Automatic transfer switch allows system to activate instantly and automatically recharge for 24/7 protection. Unit connects to supply power either by hardwiring or via standard extension cord. With 2,000, 2,500, or 3,000 W capacity and up to 4 KWH of stored energy, system can support sump/well pumps, gas/oil fueled heating systems, and other mission critical needs.

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New Patent-Pending Silent Sentry Back-UP Power System

OnStat Power Inc. is pleased to introduce it's new patent-pending SILENT SENTRY(TM) Uninterruptible Emergency Back-up Power System to the marketplace.

This wall-mounted, battery-operated system is revolutionary in its ultra compact, low-profile design. Its body is only 14" wide and mounts flush-on or between wall studs 16" O.C. Its mounting flanges can be relocated to reduce protrusion from the wall to as little as four and a half inches, allowing the system to be mounted out of the way behind doors or in utility closets and mobile offices. This space saving system uses no floor space whatsoever.

The SILENT SENTRY(TM) is a complete system, including batteries. An automatic transfer switch allows the system to activate instantly and automatically recharge for 24/7 protection. It connects to supply-power either by hardwiring or via a standard extension cord. This means it may not require an electrician to install and can be recharged by cord-connecting or hard-wiring to any outlet, generator or alternate power source.

Its 2000, 2500, or 3000 watt capacity with up to 4 KWH of stored energy makes it powerful enough to support sump/well pumps, gas/oil fueled heating systems and many other mission critical needs. It's twelve-volt battery bank easily adapts to off-grid power sources.

In addition to its space saving features, the hardwired version is designed for easy installation with built-in UL-489 Branch-Circuit Protectors for distributed loads, eliminating the need for an emergency-circuit sub-panel.

The SILENT SENTRY(TM) is the perfect choice for small businesses, offices, light assembly and small retailers who wish to be protected from the inconvenience and loss of time and money that a power outage creates.

It is also a safe, quiet alternative for residential neighborhoods, high-rise apartment buildings and condos where noisy generators are prohibited. The SILENT SENTRY(TM) can supply enough power to run almost any household appliance. Its powder coated white cabinet blends unobtrusively with any décor.

For some existing structures, hardwiring to the electrical panel may not be an option. The SILENT SENTRY(TM) is available in a Stand Alone model that does not require installation by an electrician. The Stand Alone can simply be mounted on the wall anywhere in the building and plugged into an outlet. When the power fails, the appliances plugged into the system will remain powered. This is especially useful for individuals' offices in apartment buildings.

The systems ships via UPS and comes with a complete step-by-step installation guide.

Free technical help is available at OnStat Power Inc. A no-obligation evaluation of your power requirements is also offered. Visit www.OnStatPower.com or call (203) 324-9595 for more information. For medical applications visit www.MediProducts.net.

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