Power Supply offers 2:1 output adjustment range.

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Series LPS170 single-output, 175 W switching power supply, provides 2.5 to 54 V of DC power. Active power-factor corrected unit complies with EN61000-3-2 requirements for input current harmonic content. Switcher, with universal input voltage range of 85-264 Vac, 120-370 Vdc and frequency range of 47-400 Hz, includes 2 A +5 V standby output and 1 A +12 V auxiliary output. Unit measures 1.5 in. high and is suitable for 1U rack installations.

Original Press Release:

Astec Power Introduces 1U High, 175 Watt, Single Output, Compact Switchers

Power Factor Corrected Units Feature 2:1 Output Adjustment Range, Plus Standby & Auxiliary Outputs

CARLSBAD, Calif. - October 9, 2002 - Astec Power, a leading merchant supplier of power conversion solutions, today announced the addition of the LPS170 family to its low power switching supply line.

With an output voltage that can be user adjusted over a two to one range, the four models of the LPS170 family provide from 2.5 to 54 volts of low output ripple, tightly regulated, DC power for today's demanding loads. Active power factor correction makes the LPS170s comply with EN61000-3-2 requirements for input current harmonic content. The wide universal input voltage range (85-264 VAC, 120-370 VDC) and frequency range (47- 400 Hz) give the LPS170 series an international passport.

Measuring only 1.5 inches tall, the LPS170s are ideal for 1U(1.75-inch) rack installations and other low-profile applications such as telecommunications, networking hubs and routers, test and measurement equipment, single-board computers and gigabit Ethernet devices.

The LPS170s have features normally found on larger power supplies, such as a 2 Amp +5V standby output, a 1 amp +12V auxiliary output, single wire current sharing between like model units operating in parallel and status signal lines, like 'Power Fail' and 'DC OK'. Remote output voltage sensing, and over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection are also standard features on all LPS170 models.

With 30 CFM of forced air across an open-faced unit, it can deliver a full 175 watts of output power to the load. The unit can be oriented for lengthwise or crosswise airflow, giving designers layout flexibility. The LPS170s can also be convectively cooled, and an optional cover is available for the chassis. Full rated output power can be delivered while operating within an ambient temperature range of zero to 50 degrees Centigrade (°C). LPS170s can continue to deliver power between +50°C and +70°C, as long as the maximum power drawn from them is +de-rated by 2.5 percent per °C of ambient temperature above +50°C.

All LPS170 models have been through Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and have more than 550,000 hours of demonstrated Mean Time Between Failures, at 25°C. They also comply with the major worldwide safety and performance standards and have UL, CSA, CE, CB, NEMKO and VDE approval markings. Designed to meet FCC and CISPR22 Level B conducted emissions, the LPS170's built-in Class B EMI filter also meets most industry standard noise and immunity requirements when properly mounted and grounded within an approved equipment chassis.

Medical grade versions of the LPS170s, which feature a Class A EMI filter and leakage current levels of no more than 150 microamps, are also available. The medical grade units sport a -M on the end of the model number and have medical grade safety approval markings.

Available now, OEM pricing starts at $ 145.00 each. For more
information contact a local Astec Power representative, who can be found on the Astec Power Web site at astecpower.com
. Click on the SALES OFFICE button, on the home page, to locate the closest Astec Power representative.

About Astec Power

Astec Power is a leading international supplier of power conversion solutions. A wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), Astec Power is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA. Dedicated to advanced research and development, state of the art design, sophisticated automation and in-process testing, Astec Power produces standard, modified standard, and custom AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, which range in size from one to 7,500 watts. In order to satisfy and continue to grow its international customer base, Astec Power has operations on three continents. Through this strategic allocation of its manufacturing resources, Astec Power delivers competitively priced quality products worldwide, in a timely and reliable manner.

About Emerson
St. Louis-based Emerson < gotoemerson.com> is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers in process control; electronics and telecommunications; industrial automation; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; appliance and tools. Emerson's fiscal 2001 sales were $15.5 billion.

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