Power Source is suited for orbital welding.

Press Release Summary:

Digital Tubemaster Model 514 stores up to 100 programs, each with up to 100 levels. Autoprogramming mode allows users to enter tube OD, wall, and weld Head to automatically generate weld program. With Industrial Grade electronics, stainless enclosure incorporates sealed membrane keypad and sealed color LCD display. Power source output is rated at 200 A with autoranging 115-230 Vac input. Unit incorporates weld parameter monitoring/out-of-limits reporting.

Original Press Release:

New Power Source for Orbital Welding

Magnatech's tube welding system is used by many industries for precision orbital welding. The new Tubemaster Model 514 has been redesigned from the ground up as a total digital system. The new unit stores 100 programs with up to 100 levels each. The power source is 33% lighter, and is 51% lower volume than the prior model. A new Autoprogramming mode allows an inexperienced user to enter tube OD, wall, and weld Head to automatically generate a weld program. The stainless enclosure with a sealed membrane keypad and sealed color LCD display makes it suitable for jobsite usage. All electronics are rated Industrial Grade. The power source output has been upgraded from 150 to 200 Amps with an autoranging 115-230 VAC input. It incorporates weld parameter monitoring/out-of-limits reporting for QA/QC purposes. Wire feed capability is optional.

The Model 514 operates 6 models of C-Heads for fusion welding from 0.0625" - 4.5", 4 models of Redheads/E-Head for fusion/filler wire welding from 0.5" - 14", and 3 models of tubesheet Heads.

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