Power Management IC enhances RF PA power, efficiency, and range.

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Featuring qBoost(TM) technology, Q1005 Power Management Controller improves PA performance for 3G and 4G data communication. Functionality helps smartphones, tablets, data cards, and other devices deliver faster data speeds, improve data coverage across 75% of typical cell, and work more reliably when antenna is blocked/detuned by user's hand or head. Integrated qBoost technology simultaneously combines high-speed power conversion with localized, self-contained, closed-loop feedback.

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Quantance Introduces Power Management Controller Featuring qBoost(TM) Technology

New Q1005 Chip Enables Industry's Fastest Data Uploads and Enhanced High Speed Data Coverage on 3G and 4G Networks

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- Quantance Inc., a fabless semiconductor company with patented innovations in mobile power amplifier (PA) power management, today introduced the Q1005 Power Management Controller for radio frequency (RF) PAs. Featuring the company's innovative qBoost(TM) technology, the Q1005 dramatically improves the performance of PAs for 3G and 4G data communication. Smartphones, tablets, data cards and other high-speed data devices that use the Q1005 to boost PA performance can:

-- Deliver up to three times faster data speeds;
-- Improve data coverage across 75 percent of a typical cell;
-- Work more reliably when the antenna is blocked or detuned by the user's hand or head; and
-- Achieve longer battery life and eliminate overheating.

Quantance's qBoost technology is the industry's only RF power management solution for mobile devices that simultaneously combines efficient, high-speed power conversion with localized, self-contained, closed-loop feedback. The qBoost technology uses several patented innovations to significantly boost PA output power, improve PA efficiency, increase the PA tolerance to antenna mismatch and dramatically extend the PA's operating frequency range.

"This new chip, featuring our proprietary qBoost technology, delivers exciting improvements in network performance as well as device operation," said Vikas Vinayak, Quantance's CEO. "With our chip, mobile devices can achieve blazing fast data uploads and enhanced high speed data coverage that will impress consumers. At the same time, qBoost helps eliminate the nagging issues that seem to plague most of today's popular devices like poor battery life, overheating and antenna problems."

"qBoost is not a polar modulation scheme, nor a power tracking scheme that uses look-up tables and requires burdensome calibration," said Serge Drogi, Quantance's CTO. "Instead, qBoost is a self-contained, self-aligned, efficient PA management system utilizing ultra-fast power conversion and RF closed loop feedback that is designed specifically for mobile devices, and outperforms these other PA power management schemes."

The Q1005 supports four frequency bands in different combinations of high band and low band operation. As a result, a single Q1005 brings these benefits to just about all frequency band configurations - from single-band systems to quad-band systems - used by carriers around the world. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with common RF front-end transmit circuits and requires minimal connections, no special software or firmware, and no calibration, leaving the original RF transmit circuit architecture virtually unchanged. The Quad Flat No Lead (QFN) package makes it easy to access on RF circuit boards. The Serial Port Interface (SPI) and Universal Asynchronous Receive Transmit (UART) interfaces offer flexibility for baseband software integration. Additionally, simple configuration and performance tuning software allows the solution to be easily optimized on a platform-by-platform basis.

Samples of the Q1005 will be available in March 2011.

About Quantance

Quantance is a venture-backed analog/RF semiconductor start-up based in Silicon Valley founded on the premise of designing an RF and power management system that harvests the efficiency benefits of power supply modulation at the power amplifier for high peak to average radio signals. With its patented innovations in RF transmit chain efficiency, the company's innovative qBoost technology maximizes the peak power, efficiency, linearity, and mismatch tolerance of smartphones, tablets, data cards, and other mobile wireless devices capable of high speed data applications on 3G, 3.5G and 4G networks. For more information, please visit www.quantance.com.

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