Power Distribution Systems deliver high current in small size.

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Rack-mounted X8340-S08 accommodates up to 8 circuit breakers and protects equipment from short circuits and current overloads. It distributes up to 800 A of DC power in 2U 19 in. chassis. Interruption capacity is 3500 A at 80 Vdc. Model X8340-S08 has four 200 A DC power inputs, each distributing power to two 100 A circuit breakers. Model X8340-S07 provides up to 175A via seven 25 A circuit breakers. Interrupting capacity is 2000 A at 80 Vdc. Systems operate at -80 to +80 Vdc.

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Two New Telecom Power Distribution Systems Provide Unprecedented Power For Their Size

CHICAGO - March 18, 2002 -- Today E-T-A Circuit Breakers announced the X8340-S08 and S07, two compact, high-current, power distribution solutions.

X8340-S08 Power Distribution Solution
Based on E-T-A's circuit breaker technology, the rack-mounted X8340-S08 accommodates up to eight circuit breakers and protects expensive and critical equipment from short circuits and current overloads. No competing solution can match the X8340-S08 for its distribution of up to 800A of DC power in a small 2U, 19-inch chassis.

The X8340-S08 is ideally suited for use in telecom switching stations and cellular sites, but it also may be used to distribute power to almost any type of rack-based electronics,
such as a process control system.

The X8340-S08 has four 200A DC power inputs, each distributing power to two 100A E-T-A 8340 Series circuit breakers. The system may be configured for a non-redundant supply of 800A, or it may be configured for 400A with power redundancy; if power to the first pair of inputs fails, the system accommodates equipment that will automatically switch power to the second pair of power inputs.

Its small frame size and high level of protection are the result of E-T-A's 50 years of experience in power distribution combined with its circuit breaker technologies. E-T-A's 8340 circuit breaker is highly compact for its current rating. Its magnetic trip mechanism has a fast trip profile, providing maximum protection of electronic equipment. Unique among magnetic circuit breakers with this rating, the 8340 has a reset mechanism with a push-pull actuator. The actuator's locking mechanism makes the device tolerant of vibration up to 10 g - an important consideration for use in remote cellular stations
located in earthquake zones and other high risk environments. In addition, the push-pull design resists accidental actuation, unlike competing circuit breakers having toggle-switch actuators.

In telecom applications, power shutdown can disrupt customer communications and be very costly for the service provider. To avoid this, the circuit breakers in X8340-S08 system are hot swappable.

E-T-A has partnered with connector supplier Amphenol to make the connections on X8340-S08 unit the safest and most secure in this product category. Input and output connectors utilize Amphenol's unique Hi-Lok(TM) technology: an 8 mm locking pin requiring only 15 pounds of connection force but requiring 50 pounds of force to
disconnect. In addition, the Hi-Lok(TM) female connector completely shields the connection, providing a touch-safe design. Competing solutions require a Lexan cover or an enclosure, which complicates access to the connections and increases cost.

Optional LED indicating lights display the status of power input, breaker trip indication, low voltage, and output current loop sensing. Optional auxiliary contacts in the circuit breakers can be used to communicate an alarm signal. The system's interruption capacity is 3500A at 80V DC. Operating voltage is -80 to +80V DC.

X8340-S07 Power Distribution Solution
The X8340-S07 power distribution solution provides up to 175A via seven E-T-A 25A 8340 Series circuit breakers. Like the X8340-S08 system, all circuit breakers are hot swappable in the X8340-S07. The plug-in circuit breakers feature blade-style quick-
connect terminals for easy installation and removal. Interrupting capacity is 2000A at 80V DC. Operating voltage is -80 to +80V DC.

The vertically oriented X8340-S07 system (58.2 mm W x 282 mm H x 322 D) is designed to be rack mounted.

Pricing and Availability
Despite feature advantages, E-T-A's new power distribution solutions are competitively priced. Prices for the X8340-S08 start at $1500 in production volume, and for the X8340-S07 at $ 1000 in production volume.

Standard units are available eight weeks ARO. In most cases, the system will be customized for the needs of specific applications. For more information, visit the E-T-A web site, www.etacbe.com/solutions, and submit application information. Custom nameplates and molding are also available.

About E-T-A
E-T-A Circuit Breakers is the world's leading manufacturer of circuit breakers for equipment and is the only resource for all circuit protection technologies: thermal, thermal-magnetic, magnetic and high performance. E-T-A circuit breakers are available in more than 150 models and 350,000 different configurations. E-T-A is also a world leading manufacturer of control and monitoring products, and solid state remote power
controllers (SSRPCs). With the North American headquarters in Chicago, the company serves industrial OEMs and end-users.
Caption: E-T-A Circuit Breaker's X8340-S08 and -S07 power distribution solutions.

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