Power Delivery Solutions suit manufacturing automation market.

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Power Delivery Solutions protect switched mode dc power supplies against load failures by isolating overloads or short-circuit occurrences from active elements in control panel. WAVEGuard electronic fusing system prevents load failures from propagating back to dc power delivery system, prevents drops in dc power to control panel, and eliminates nuisance-tripping. Solutions also include diode modules, switched mode dc power supplies, and battery back up units.

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Weidmuller Launches Its New Power Delivery Solutions

RICHMOND, VA (March 22, 2005) - One of the biggest challenges facing process control and manufacturing automation managers today is minimizing unplanned downtime and their associated losses in production. In response to this problem, Weidmuller's Design and Sales team, backed by experienced Applications Engineers and knowledgeable Technical Support technicians, has emerged as an industry leader by delivering its reliable Power Delivery Solutions for control panels to both the process control and manufacturing automation markets.

In analyzing the cause for unplanned plant standstills, Weidmuller has identified a number of problems attributed to inadequate design practices for automation and control panels when uptime is a key design goal. To minimize those problems, Weidmuller has developed its new Power Delivery Solutions with high uptime as a key design objective.

Among others, these solutions address the problem of protecting switched mode DC power supplies against load failures. Switched mode, regulated DC power supplies are designed to initiate a protective self-shutdown routine in the event of an overload or short-circuit condition at their output. When this happens, the switched mode power supply stops providing power to its DC circuits.

However, despite the fact that the switched mode DC power supply has protected itself from damage, the circuits that depend on this power supply experience a loss-of-power condition, and can likely create an entire control panel shutdown and ultimately unplanned plant standstills. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate overloads or short-circuit occurrences from the rest of the active elements in a control panel. Weidmuller has solved this problem through its WAVEGuard electronic fusing system, which prevents load failures from propagating back to the DC power delivery system, prevents drops in DC power to the control panel, and eliminates nuisance-tripping. Furthermore, Weidmuller's electronic fuses improve failure identification and location time and reduce associated costs, since these fuses can be wired to a control room, enabling personnel to remotely identify the failure without testing multiple load circuits, thus cutting troubleshooting time and associated costs by more than 50 percent, and ultimately preventing further revenue losses.

No industry can afford unplanned downtime because of an overload condition or a short-circuit in control panel electronics. Weidmuller's Sales, Design, Engineers, and Technical Support technicians, combined with its electronic fuses, diode modules, switched mode DC power supplies, and battery back up units (BBUs) provides the most reliable Power Delivery Solution available for process control and automation control panels in the industry today.

For more information on Weidmuller's new Power Delivery Solutions, please visit our Website at www.weidmuller.com

Weidmuller is the leading supplier of control and automation solutions such as power delivery solutions, design-build solutions, complete rail solutions, switching technology for control panels, printed circuit board terminals and connectors, and terminal blocks. Weidmuller has approximately 3,400 employees worldwide, with 70 sales organizations or offices in more than 60 countries.

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