Power Controller amplifies and protects PLC outputs.

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Model E-1048-700 Solid-State Remote Power Controller protects PLCs from overloads and short circuits while providing power amplification of PLC output signals. Available for 24 Vdc power sources, unit is offered in current ratings of 0.5, 1, 2, and 4 A. Inrush currents up to 40 A are automatically delayed for approximately 100 milliseconds, avoiding nuisance tripping. Unit is suitable for DC switching resistive, inductive, and lamp loads.

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Power Controller Saves Time and Cost by Amplifying and Protecting PLC Outputs

Chicago - March 24, 2003 - E-T-A Circuit Breakers, a leading manufacturer of circuit protection and control products, announced the E-1048-700 Solid-State Remote Power Controller (SSRPC) at the National Design Engineering Show. The E-1048-700 is the first SSRPC to protect programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from overloads and short circuits while providing inexpensive power amplification of PLC output signals, without the need to change PLC output cards.

The E-1048-700 is available for 24 V DC power sources and offered in current ratings of 0.5A, 1A, 2A, and 4A. The E-1048-700 is particularly useful in increasing current capacity and protecting low current carrying PLC outputs.

The E-1048-700 is suitable for DC switching resistive, inductive, and lamp loads. Ideal for new installations and retrofitting in process control and industrial automation applications, the new low-cost controller is designed to minimize costly downtime by protecting PLC output circuits and monitoring output circuit status.

PLC Circuit Protection
In the event of an overload or short circuit, E-T-A's E-1048-700 power controller provides rapid current limiting followed immediately by disconnection of the load. The opto-coupled transistor switch physically isolates the control signal, the load output, and the fault indicator. It has a time/current characteristic similar to a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker.

Unlike some competing products, the solid-state E-1048-700 prevents nuisance tripping caused by inrush currents associated with solenoid and motor loads. Inrush currents up to 40A are automatically delayed for approximately 100 milliseconds, avoiding nuisance tripping.

Reliability Monitoring
The E-1048-700 power controller also provides LED indication of overloads and short circuits, wire break, and status of load circuit. This makes E-T-A's power controller superior to competing products which do not supply the diagnostic information required in many factory control systems.

Fast and Easy Installation
Just 12.5 mm wide, the E-1048-700 plugs into any standard 17-P10-Si terminal block or into E-T-A's DIN-rail mounted 17plus Power Distribution Module. Multiple 17plus modules can be connected to configure a distribution system without the need to individually wire quick-connect terminals. When combined with the 17plus Module, the E-1048-700 power controller system can easily accommodate up to 40 individual circuits in 24 inches or less.

Because the new power controller combines the functions of relay, circuit breaker, and diagnostics, it installs in one-tenth of the time it takes to integrate these components separately. As a result, existing equipment can quickly return to service and new designs move to market faster. In addition, it enables engineers to design control applications using PLCs with lower-cost transistor-based outputs, rather than more expensive relay types.

17plus Module
The E-1048-700 Solid-State Remote Power Controller can be plug-in mounted on E-T-A's 17plus DIN-rail Power Distribution Module. The 17plus Module is designed with cage clamps where no additional crimp connections are needed.

The system is designed with a distribution bus bar, looped-through grounding for the electronic control unit and group signalization for all channels already in place when the modules are interconnected during rail mounting. Each module accommodates two SSRPCs and can be integrated to 20 modules or more on one DIN-rail.

Pricing and Availability
Prices for the E-1048-700 circuit breaker are dependent on volume. For medium sized production volume, the cost is around $40.00. Units are available with four weeks lead time; for availability of units in large quantity, contact E-T-A.

E-T-A's SSRPCs have been designed to protect programmable logic controller outputs, instrumentation, and process control switching circuits. These products combine solid-state switching with electronic overload protection and current limiting characteristics. A suitable E-T-A SSRPC exists for any control and power distribution requirement and characteristics may be tailored for specific applications. For information about the different models in the E-1048 family, consult the E-T-A catalog, visit the E-T-A web site at www.e-t-a.com or call 800-462-9979.

About E-T-A
E-T-A Circuit Breakers is the world's leading manufacturer of circuit breakers for OEM equipment and is the only resource for all circuit protection technologies: thermal, thermal-magnetic, magnetic and high performance. E-T-A circuit breakers are available in more than 150 models and 350,000 different configurations. E-T-A is also a world-leading manufacturer of control and monitoring products, and solid-state remote power controllers (SSRPCs). With the North American headquarters in Chicago, the company serves industrial OEMs and end-users.

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