Power Analyzer measures energy variables.

Press Release Summary:

Model 1010 measures harmonics, voltage, frequency, crest factor, and performs power analyses. It checks energy consumption of electrical appliances, measures maximum and minimum energy demand, and makes harmonic analysis of power factor correction capacitors. It also analyzes variable-speed motor drives and solid-state lighting ballasts, makes efficiency measurements, measures inrush current when power is energized, and determines power factor and PF corrections.

Original Press Release:

Brunelle Instruments, Inc. Introduces the New Model 1010 Power Analyzer

The Model 1010 Power Analyzer is useful for Energy Consumption of Electrical Appliances, Measurement of Maximum and Minimum Energy Demand, Harmonic Analysis of Power Factor Correction Capacitors, Variable Speed Motor Drives and Solid-State lighting ballasts, Efficiency Measurements, Measurement of Inrush Current when Power is Energized and Determining Power Factor and PF corrections. Measures Harmonics, Performs Power Analysis, Measures Voltage, Frequency, Crest Factor, Peak to Peak and is True RMS.

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