Powdered Antifoam will not clog or freeze.

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Type TPA works in industrial and food processes to knock down foam. Made from silicone on sodium acetate base, free flowing non-toxic powder is totally water dispersible, has non-hygroscopic properties that prevent it from lumping, and cannot freeze or separate on standing. Users may add it directly to foaming systems or specialty formulators can pre-blend antifoams with other solid products. Food grade version incorporates color and fragrance.

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Powdered Antifoam Smooths Process Flows, Won't Clog Or Freeze

Lawrenceville, GA - Taylor Chemical announces the availability of its TPA (Taylor Powdered Antifoam) line with a host of new features that enhance its application in a wide variety of industrial and food processes. The composition of the TPA products is silicone on a sodium acetate base. In addition to knocking down foam, TPA is a free flowing powder that is totally water dispersible. Its non-hygroscopic properties prevent it from lumping and becoming non free-flowing, unlike most other powdered antifoams on the market that do not totally dissolve and leave a residue. Residues are especially detrimental in spraying applications, such as agricultural herbicides, where solids must dissolve completely in water to avoid the plugging of dispensing equipment nozzles.

TPA products feature excellent long term shelf stability, and are non-toxic. The fact that Taylor Chemical powdered antifoams are powders ensure that they will not freeze or separate on standing as will their liquid counterparts. This is especially important in industries where products may be left in storage from season to season.

Users may add TPA directly to foaming systems as is, or specialty formulators can pre-blend the new Taylor Chemical antifoams with other solid products and expect them to retain all their properties.

A food grade version, TPA-FG, and custom formulations that incorporate color and fragrance modifications may be special ordered. These differentiated products may be beneficial for manufacturers who serve industries that develop food, cosmetic and household products.

TPA-15 is in compliance with 40 CFR 180.1001(d), exempted from the requirements of a tolerance for application on growing crops. The food grade version, TPA-FG, complies with regulations of the Food and Drug Administration as cited in 21 CFR, Section 173.340 (defoaming agents used in processing foods).

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