Position Sensor features flexible, paper-thin design.

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Measuring just 0.008 in. thick, FlexiPot(TM) Linear Potentiometer provides ±2% linearity error, ±1% full scale repeatability, and spatial resolution of less than 2% of full scale. Device is available in high-temperature version, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 420°C. FlexiPot is suited for design engineers looking to incorporate position sensor as user interface in handheld consumer devices.

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Flexible, Low-Power Position Sensors Improve OEM Product Design

Tekscan, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a flexible position sensor to its award-winning line of force and pressure sensitive technology. FlexiPot(TM), like Tekscan's reknowned FlexiForce® sensor, is ultra-thin, at just 0.008" thickness. This thin, flexible, low-power linear potentiometer complements the established FlexiForce product line to offer more options to design engineers in the design of OEM products.

Its paper-thin properties in addition to its:

o linearity (±2% error)

o repeatability (± 1% of full scale)

o spatial resolution (less than 2% of full scale)

o low power-consumption

make it especially attractive to engineers looking to incorporate a position sensor as a user interface in handheld consumer devices, which continue to get smaller and more lightweight. The existing FlexiForce sensor, on the other hand, is ideal for detecting and measuring relative changes in force or applied load, rate of change in force, force thresholds, etc. These two products combine to offer design engineers a range of options whether they need a force or position sensor in their product.

Tekscan established its FlexiForce line in 1998 to meet the unique needs of companies requiring cost-effective force sensing solutions in their products. Tekscan offers both standard and custom designs to meet the needs of its customers. The FlexiPot, like the FlexiForce, is available in high-temp versions, withstanding temperatures as high as 420°F (200°C), which is an advantage to engineers designing industrial controls.

Watch a demonstration of the FlexiPot position sensors and learn more about our thin and flexible linear and rotary potentiometers.

Contact us for more information on this new position sensing solution from Tekscan.

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