Portable Water Tanks Help with Fire Fighting Efforts

During fire fighting in rural, remote location or forest areas, one of the biggest challenges is finding a way to bring needed amounts of water to these locations. Due to the absence of water sources such as hydrants, fire fighters have to find alternative methods of bringing large amounts of water to these locations.

Helping to aid in this process, economical fire fighting water tanks have been designed to help store and transport water. These products have included items such as fire suppression water trailers and open top portable units such as onion and frame tanks. Depending on your location, these tanks can help move or store needed amounts of water in areas where water sources are not easily accessible.

Realizing that not all fire fighting requirements are the same, Portable Tank Group aims to work with customers to find the right solution to their water storage and transportation requirements.

In agricultural areas, sites and small rural areas, many customers have looked to the fire suppression water trailer to help put out small fires. These trailers come with tanks that store 500, 800 or 1025 gallons of water for different size requirements. This tank, hose and trailer system can then be hooked up to the back of trucks for fast transportation. Equipped for multi-purpose applications, these trailers are additionally used as spray vehicles for livestock, crop or vegetation watering.

For fire fighting efforts by fire departments and county officials, open top tanks such as the onion tank or frame tank are a common choice. These tanks are designed for storage and have been quickly set up next to fires to store water.

When compared to other storage options, these tanks have the advantages of being portable, easy to use, and built with large capacities.

Onion tanks have capacities anywhere from 250 to 20,000 gallons, while frame tanks can be built anywhere from 500 to 5,000 gallons. Once in place, tanks can be filled and emptied directly through hoses that are inserted through the top of the tank.

Use of these portable tanks has helped to ease the process of fire fighting efforts and has helped many fire fighters and owners to fight fires, even when water sources are hard to reach. Having a portable water source on hand can also serve additional purposes of water storage and supply for emergency situations and watering needs.

Portable Tank Group specializes in supplying areas with tanks and trailers for water storage and transportation. Tanks have included flexible bladders, fiberglass tanks, steel tanks and more for the storage of almost any liquid ranging from fuel to drinking water.

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