Portable Tool installs hose clamps.

Press Release Summary:

Model UL4000 installs ¾ and ½ in. Ultra-Lok(TM) hose clamps made from Type 201 ¼-hard stainless steel band. It locks under full tension, and has smooth buckle design, eliminating potential leak paths. Tool offers dual, 18 V NiCad batteries, mechanical clutch, and programmable torque settings. Pre-determined lengths of Ultra-Lok bands are available from 18 in. to 100 ft.

Original Press Release:

Stronger, Faster, More Economical Hose Clamping Portability

A powerful, new battery-powered tool developed by BAND-IT®, "The Clamping Experts"(TM), quickly and easily installs patented Ultra-Lok(TM) hose clamps virtually anywhere. Pre-determined torque settings eliminate hose assembly guesswork and the ability to lock under full tension insures a tighter, safer, more consistent clamp than traditional band clamping systems.

The Ultra-Lok(TM) system has been proven to be equal to or greater in strength than crimped or swaged hose assemblies, and the new UL4000 tool is available at a small fraction of the cost of crimp and swage equipment. Clamps allow fittings to be salvaged for reuse if hoses are damaged, and clamps require fewer SKU's than crimp and swage. The smooth I.D. buckle design eliminates potential leak paths.

The UL4000 tool installs 3/4" and 1/2" Ultra-Lok clamps up to 5 times faster than traditional band and buckle methods, and Ultra-Lok clamps are made from Type 201 1/4 hard stainless steel band for unmatched strength.

This new tool features dual, high-capacity 18 volt NiCad batteries with deep cycle charging capabilities for extended life. The mechanical clutch and programmable torque settings provide consistent band clamping tension regardless of installer skills.

Pre-determined lengths of Ultra-Lok bands are available in lengths from 18" to 100'. Preformed Ultra-Lok clamps are available in I.D.'s from 1.5" to 9". Ultra-Lok clamps can also be installed with BAND-IT's UL9010 AC-powered portable tool, or with the IT9000 electronically-controlled bench tool.

BAND-IT, a unit of IDEX Corporation, manufactures a wide range of stainless steel clamping, fastening, bundling and identification products for a variety of industrial applications.

For more information, contact: BAND-IT-IDEX, Inc., PO Box 16307, Denver, CO 80216-0307 U.S.A. Phone: (303) 320-4555. FAX: (303) 333-6549. www.band-it-idex.com

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